Creative Direction: Individual Sessions

I invite you to join me in an intimate setting via Zoom to connect and create
with your personal story in heart.

I care deeply that women have access to their inner SPARK
and embrace their innate creative goodness
to lean into possibility and vision for their lives.

You are sacred. You are loved. You are creative.
Possibility awaits.

With a focus on process, not perfection,
I’ll guide you with love and compassion toward
fresh vision based on your specific needs.

When you work with me, you may experience:

A Variety of Practices to Enhance your Journey
Depth of Connection
Access to More Imagination
Access to your Inner Knowing
Access to Personal Whimsy and Play
Sacred Goggles: Eyes Open to Beauty and Detail
Permission to Ask Questions of Systems & the Status Quo
Permission to Hold Joy aside Grief
Spiritual Teachings of Every day Formation
Stories of the Sacred Feminine
Vision Toward Possibility

Creative Direction combines colorful practice and contemplative formation
in a one-on-one setting designed for your story.

Women who’ve worked with me have learned to
SEE what they hold within,
have grown their sacred imagination
and have found their authentic voice as co-creator.

If you are a woman who is ready to invest in yourself by making room
for more creativity and depth of expression, this experience is for YOU!

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