Create Your Mini-Pilgrimage Book: A PDF E-Guide


Turn your travel into sacred travel.
Give yourself the gift of regular, creative prayer time during your journey.

The 29-page Pilgrimage E-Guide includes
seventeen colorful “pauses” that link you into
the HEART of your travels AND the TRAVELS of your HEART.

Each creative “pause” is designed to take ten to fifteen minutes.

No art experience necessary.

A few simple materials needed:
a sketchbook, pencil, black permanent marker and color of your choice

Upon return, you’ll put all your pages together
to create your mini-pilgrimage book.

Read on for more INFO!

I happen to be a creature who enjoys structure.
Structure allows me to move fully and fluidly into creative time.
When I give myself creative time,
I find nourishment and soul-care for my being.
When I nourish my being,
I remain more grounded and loving in
day to day relationships.

Here’s the thing:

When I travel,
My “structure” goes out the window.
My eating and drinking shift.
My sleeping hours change.
And, my creative time is nil.
You may be saying:
“Ally, of course! You are traveling. That’s how traveling is.”
I hear you.
AND, I have to tell you that — being a creature of structure —
when there’s no time for soul nourishment,
the grouchies begin to set in.
You know the grouchies, don’t you?
(Beware: May look like frustration, snappiness, rolling of the eyes)

Now, you may be saying:
“Don’t the activities you participate with during travel count as soul nourishment?”
Again, I hear you. The answer is “Absolutely!”
AND, I have to tell you how the buzz of activities can also deplete,
and when I’m depleted — you guessed it—
the grouchies begin to set in.
When the grouchies arrive, they like to set a shield around my heart.

This made me think,
“What if there’s a simple, fun way to work with the metaphor of pilgrimage when I travel?”
A way to pause, renew and have a moment of creative color each day for a few minutes?

I mean, when one sets off on pilgrimage, a sacred journey is underway.
Pilgrimage invites the traveler to seek union with the Divine as they move along unknown roads.
The ancient art of pilgrimage is about searching for Holy meaning on the path of life.

This began to bubble up surprise and adventure in my bones —
I definitely desire to live with eyes open to Holy meaning!
Don’t you?

The other thing I thought of is — travel is not always “fun”.
Sometimes, we have to travel for a difficult reason — such as visiting a sick friend or going to a funeral.
How can you and I navigate difficult travel with soul nourishment in heart for ourselves?

These questions led me to the idea to create a
Mini-Pilgrimage Book, A Creative Companion for Your Sacred Travel
This is a guide that gives twelve creative “pauses” for your trek
PLUS an additional FIVE Holiday “pauses”.
Each pause is designed to take ten to fifteen minutes and
includes a simple drawing and reflective question.
All you need to create while away is
a sketchbook, pencil, black permanent marker and color of your choice.
Once you return home from your journey, these “pauses” turn into a mini-book.

Whether you’re traveling on a fun vacation
or heading off on a challenging trip,
Whether your travels are nearby or far away,
I invite you to consider your steps as pilgrimage with your eyes open to Sacred Love.
Give yourself the gift of soul-renewal on your path
and see how your travel comes alive with meaning.

“I just completed my pilgrimage book on a trip to see my family in the midwest. These pages grounded me during my time away.  The time spent creating encouraged me to open my eyes and soul to more than I would have experienced otherwise. I had concerns of not having enough time for “ME”…for “BEing”… reflections, meditation, contemplation. The prompts helped me to see what was around me, offering me grace and peace such as a screened porch with birds singing, a beautiful patio filled with flowers and hummingbirds motoring around their feeders, soft cool grass to walk barefoot, etc. These pages gave me that space to find time for me AND my look more deeply and search my soul to find what was necessary to give not only to myself but also my family.  I returned with peace, calmness and joy…and also an understanding of what God will offer me if I just open my heart and soul and receive. The Pilgrimage Book’s creative intention exercise is a true travel companion. Ally adds love and thought into each of her projects.  She opens our hearts and help us to see what is inside our souls.

– Charlene K., participant of the Mini-Pilgrimage book


In this 29-page Pilgrimage E-book, I’ve included
a brief teaching on pilgrimage and the steps you need
to create a pilgrimage book for your sacred travel.
The comprehensive guide includes:

A Pilgrimage Welcome

Introduction to Pilgrimage: A Reflection on Several Important Themes

How to Engage the Guidebook While You Travel

Preparation Before You Leave

A Letter to a Fellow Pilgrim

A Red Thread Welcome and Set-Up Video (ten minutes)

How to Create Your Muse Face Video (five minutes)

How to Draw Pilgrim People Video (five minutes)

How to Draw Gesture People Video (three minutes)

Twelve Creative Pauses for Your Travel
to create the pages of your book which include
an image for inspiration and written prompt with the simple steps

PLUS, An Additional FIVE Holiday Pauses:
A Celebration of Tradition; Hope Bubbles, Link to Love, Joyful Murmurs and Personal Peace

Honor Your Trek: Creation of the Back Cover

Name Your Pilgrimage: Front Cover

Finishing Touches & Completion Video (ten minutes)

Materials Needed

Ruler — For the Set Up

Sketchbook, I recommend 7”x10” Mixed Media Canson


Black Permanent Liner Marker; (I recommend Molotow, Micron or Prismacolor)

Color of your choice:
(I use watercolors, however, markers, colored pencils or watercolor pencils also work)

DMC Thread and Needle (for completion)

Glitter and Mod Podge®, Optional for Finishing Touches