CELEBRATION OF YOU (Complimentary Gift)

Join me to move through a
simple creative practice to celebrate the GIFT of YOU!

You’ll Need:
A Sketchbook or piece of plain paper
A thin black permanent Marker
Watercolor pencils or Markers


{00:47} : Materials You’ll Need

{1:10} : Draw Your Sacred Spark

{2:00) : Create A Path of Dots that Represent
the Years You’ve Walked on the Earth

{2:40} : Choose a New Color and Move with Intention through Your Years,
as a Memory comes to you for a year, pause to add a prayer, blessing or love to that year

{4:22} : Add your celebratory figure form

{5:50} : Honor her connection of heart and with the Divine
by adding a crown or hat!

{6:40} : Add a large circle to the left and right of her.
Add a rectangle around her feet.

{7:00} : In the left circle, write about something you’ve learned in the last year.
Add a word or phrase outside of the circle.

{8:00} : In her body, write about present heart whispers.
Add a word or phrase that captures her heart whispers outside of her body.

{9:30} : In the right circle, write about a dream for the upcoming year.
Add a word or phrase outside of the circle.

{10:15} : Create celebration marks around your figure.
What do I want to celebrate for myself?
Write a claim of celebration in the rectangle.

{11:15} : Activate her color by adding water to your watercolor pencils!