While You Wait

You, girl of the ocean, swimmer of the sea, washed up ashore displaced amid her honesty. And, now — you, the ever curious one, wonder, 
“What do I do while I wait?” Well, dear one, as the dry air rushes past, nearly knocking you down, let the tears fall and nourish what you hold. You, holder of life, keeper of the flame, bearer of sparks, whatever you do — don’t rush it. Really. Allow the space of emptiness hold you. Listen. Hear that? A lullaby from your inner Spirit whooshing you to sleep— dreams and visions laid on your heart….

She. is. becoming.

I have quite a few friends these days who are taking brave risks in their lives. I’m amazed by the way these fellow kindred souls are challenging the status quo, saying yes to the daring and keeping their hearts open to where the Spirit is flowing in their life. This poem is dedicated to those of you who are taking one small step toward your becoming. Cheers to you and your courage! She is becoming. She’s not finished yet. No, she still has loads of color to splash around. A palette of rainbow to fling toward the universe. She has…

How is Spirit nudging you to shift?

Wisdom’s Call based on Proverbs 8:1-2 How do changes happen? Sometimes, we’re swept into them and they overcome us with fury. Other times, we come open handed, asking, ready to receive the shift. Yet, I’m interested in the change that happens slow as honey. The one where seeds are sown. Patiently, in small increments, tiny, invisible shifts occur. There’s a good chance you may not even be aware it’s happening. Yet, have you ever noticed when the same theme keeps popping up in your life? Or when a situation has delighted and you think, “I need more of that!” Or…

She and Her Glitter (A Valentine’s Tale)

Today is Ash Wednesday. A beautiful day in the liturgical church calendar to reflect upon our mortality and the promised resurrection of life lived with Christ. As my faith journey continues, I regularly experience little “deaths” and opportunities for little “resurrections” with the Living Christ among us. May you experience a rich season of Lent to reflect upon what Christ’s life and death mean for you. Next week, I’ll begin a weekly offering of Lent through the monastic practice of seven daily pauses. Today, I offer you a Valentine’s tale. Can you find Christ in the midst? Once upon a…

Meet Luna

An intimate encounter with dear Luna, the first image that arose from the canvas through a process of intentional creativity. As I worked, she began blue, frosty, slowly warmed to the color of rainbow flesh. This is what she speaks to me: “I’ve been with you all along; you’ve been afraid to let me come forth. I’ve shown a crescent, a half, but now I am rising anew. I am turning toward the full light— the Great Light the one who goes before us— Creator You are letting me be birthed, be shown, in all my glory, all my colors….