Tending Emotions (a video)

Hi all, Today, I’m sharing with you a 5-minute Intentional Creativity video to tend to discomfort. This practice can be done with paint or markers/colored pencils. Please take care of yourselves during this strenuous time in our world. I’m hosting regular Red Thread circles for women to connect and witness one another. Please sign up over here to be on the distribution list. Blessings to you. Ally

Creativity as a Catalyst of Healing

Sharing an article I wrote for Columbia Theological Seminary entitled, ‘Creativity as a Catalyst of Healing’ that explores the “I’m not creative” belief that many people claim. A few years ago, I completed work at CTS in Spiritual Formation. When I began, I didn’t even know what Spiritual Formation was. When I completed the work, I wondered how I’d survived so long without it (the formation and practices). The Spiritual Formation work truly transformed the way I experienced day to day living and had me asking hard questions about the faith I’d lived for so long. I connected back with…