A Feast Awaits!

I marinate in a stew of “busy,”a star of importance pinned on my lapel.This is the “success” culture sells, is it not?The one who is stretched thinnest, wins —Right? The ease for me comes in making my exterior shine while I take on the world. As Ru Paul says, “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.”So, who will I show up as? The pages of Cosmopolitan taught this awkward teen to appear en vogue.Add some eye liner, rouge and a fuchsia scarf — mere basics for one who dabbles with color all day.By now, I know well how…

Kaleidoscope Prayer

As I continue on as a spiritual being having a human experience*, my view of prayer, like a kaleidoscope, has slowly shifted, offering me an opportunity to wrestle as well as fresh beauty at different points in my life. Nowadays, I believe that prayer is all around us and all we have to do is tune into it. No words are necessary. Being present to the conversation, the plea, the pain, the beauty is, indeed, the prayer. What view of prayer do you have? For me, engaging in creativity and painting helps me to tend to this presence and flow. How has it shifted over time?