The Holy Seed

The seed, not doing work, not making something happen, falls into the ground of being. The seed allows 
the thin darkness to shield, the oxygen to pulse with a tempo of trust, a stream of water to move in and through. The seed, in its’ ground of being, receives the pouring of light, reaches beyond itself, grows from the center out. • The holy seed,not striving for status,not proving a point,is the ground of being. The holy seed allows the womb darkness to nurture, the human oxygen pulse with a tempo of trust, blood and water to move in and…

Making Room in the Darkness

You see, dear one There are mysteries you don’t understand, tragedies you don’t comprehend. I am the Mother who hovers and veils all my children with steady, beating love in times of darkness, with rolling waves of compassion in the waiting. I hold the sorrow of hearts and place them in the night sky, a remembrance of luster and ebony twirling together. I live within the container and beyond the container— vibrations of my voice heard even in the driest desert. Remember me? Blessed Mother Mother of Grace Mother of Strength Holy Mother Mother of Jesus Mother of You. I…

The Kiss.

The veil touches down in the thin place where 
past kisses present, a delicate sweep of air — sheer mystery. I walk into the fog, formerly familiar, now lit anew, the road reimagined. Where will it take me? Breaking sun, backlit branches, stream through my reckless heart. I consider day and night, their insistence on gathering each dawn. Death and life, not opposing forces, rather 
elbows latched in harmony 
with Spirit. They skip along, capture my curiosity in that profane and sacred are connected, both with a speck of God’s goodness for those willing to mine the mire. Today, ghosts…

Waking Up to the Risen Life.

As people who love Jesus, who desire 
to live into Christ consciousness as best as we humanly can, there comes a call after Easter to live into the risen life. Each year, I wonder, what does the risen life actually look like? Really. What does it look like fleshed out? LIVED. I mean, let’s be honest, if there is a risen life to be lived, I want to be living THAT life, not some dreary, woe is me life. I started to think about waking up to the risen life, a zesty existence that urges me to be fully me….

Awakening! Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season with the seven daily pauses. Enjoy today and all the blessings it holds! The kingdom of heaven 
is at hand! Mercy and grace, it’s true! Today is about Jesus, and it’s about more than Jesus. You see, friend, today is about the resurrection 
of Christ And,
 today is about your resurrection 
in Christ Mercy and grace, it’s true! The stone of your heart has been rolled away, Can you feel it? No more waiting for a better day to come along No more waiting until all your…