Marked for Resurrection

A blend of ash and oilsmudged upon my forehead.This mark.Not one of mourning,nor for the mortality of suffering —but rather,to honor the dust of our livesas atoms of transformationthat hover in the wakeof our becoming. Divine breath speaks,“Let there be light.”And, there IS.Here —I am sparked. Lit anewto walk the road,shed outgrown skin,claim holy desires that reside within,walk toward the resurrectionof Christlikeness only I can bring to the world. Today, I am marked to live fully. And, it is good.Very good.

A Peaceful Revolution

Side by side, we sing a heartfelt “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” as insides stir with anxiety, our spoken words, curt. Living peace is a challenge. We desire the golden ticket placed gently in our hands:“Do this, then do this, then this, and you will live a life of peace.” We all know this isn’t the way it goes down. I went to a sweet, mid-week church service not long ago and a couple was joyful to announce their “good deed” completed for those in attendance. When it came time for giving the…