Let Us Live!

There is nothing new about this message found better penned in the likes of Walden, The Summer Day, Desiderata*, but (maybe) in this inhale you need it (maybe) at your next blink this note will float near and the words will fall over you like a salve to the tired in your bones (maybe) you’ve forgotten about the elixir of living that is yours to taste (here goes) Let us live for today — a slate of possibilities Let us listen to our favorite song — bass high, cruising down the road Let us dance in the kitchen — a…

Kneeling (for Change)

– Dedicated to my friend Petra I have a canvas in my studio space, large, four feet by five feet, leans against the wall, too large for any easel, a monstrosity to handle Quite by accident, one day, I find myself on my knees painting, swept into unlikely prayer, marking — my colorful story — rhythms of the moon — thresholds to cross This is where She finds me Call her what you will — Mother Divine Sacred Feminine Mary, Eve, Wisdom (Proverbs 8) Spirit Woman Whoever she is, She persists in Her Love revealing all the nuances of Scripture…

Boys Will Be…

Today, I’m pleading that we get a bit more creative with the phrase “Boys will be boys” and shift it to something hopeful for our growing young men.

Confessions to Imagination

Have you ever put your imagination on hold? Or, worse, ignored imagination completely? Here’s a poem of my Confessions to Imagination. Sending love and colorful waves your way!

Honoring the Past Year (and her colorful embrace)

Twelve months ago,a brisk January beginning,a gift in her hand.“Open it”, she swoons.Wrappings fell to the floor,a box lid yawns wide,reveals a rainbow blanket splayed in glory,a present of presence. “Let’s switch places,” she poses.My clenched grip of striving unfurls, Iplace my efforts on the golden altar.Allow her, the new year,to swaddle me close in a colorful embrace.She places me on her lap,spins her song of beauty, places silky medicine in my heart. Upside down,cocooned for a year —Anointed with color,the paint of cosmic swirls shifting cells, metaphors ofancient stories unlock theirmystery of knowing through the gatewayof an unadorned canvas….