Seeker of the Edge

(A continuation from Ash Wednesday’s poem, Seeker of Ash) • • • Outside,the moon hangs with foresight. Inside,I sit in the basement of the sanctuary, rifle theforgotten book on my lap,flashlight in hand,flip with fury,find fallen phenomenon. Creeeeeak, creeeeeak, creeeeeakFootsteps above me,my heart stops— What if they figure me out? Quiet settles,I keep on,forge for informationof the deep way With roots fixed firm,there she is —arms rise to flexible form,an expansive stretch Gaia, spreader of seeds With flaming heart,there she is —eyes flicker with desire,faces the fable of sin Eve, seeker of solid food With fluid connection,there she is—hands embrace…

Creative Advent: Leaning Joy

As Mary leans into herself as one who creates,her joy grows. Daily, she writes on papyrus;honors the holy flareof her words. Her soul magnifies the One
who seeks the humble,
human way.

 She purrs a tune to her soul words;
sings in rejoice, a
clear love song
 Flight of a butterfly lives within;
her body in rhythm,
Spirit beats The cocoon woven splits open,her wings grown in syncwith the Christ seed She leans into her flaming heart,She leans into Divine mercy,She leans into satisfied hunger
. Mary declares for the whole to hear,“All generations will call me blessed.” She, the blessed motherwho stands for creation,who leans into…

A Vigil of Love (complete.)

•Beloved, you hold me and whisper, “Be Loved.” I hear your words and hold them in my heart.• You set a spark within my soul. Your radiance shimmers the shadow spaces.• When I am thirsty, you rain abundance. When I am weak, you pour grace.• You weave a fresh tale of hope. A yarn that lifts the lost and lonely.An epic of peace and justice. I hear my story in your words.• You don’t give up on me. You trek alongside on sunny days and moonlit nights. Where others have walked away, you remain.• I find you under the quiet…

Jesus 2020: Let Nations See Love (Again)

Do you know Him? Beloved OneSpirit formed, mother born, refugee child who crossed miles. Rules broken. Light BearerVisible speckles of light burst forthin the darkest of times. Hope given. Thirst QuencherCrystalline, living water wraps freelyaround walls of stone. Renewal found. Story WeaverA golden thread of Wisdom talestell the goodness of God. Love taught. Pilgrim FriendWalks the long road step by stepwith graceful gait. Presence held. Seeker of SolitudeMoves to quiet places to bewith Divine Love and fill. Peace sought. Lover of the LivingCelebrates children, honors women, notices fig trees. Inclusion modeled. Flamed by InjusticeTables flip with bold honesty to question…

Her Power Returned (Day by Day)

Her power returned to her the day she chose to place the stapler down from the boxy bulletin boardto move beyond the edges whereher creative savvy flew free. Her power returned to her the day she resigned from beating herself upfor “brokenness,” all she “isn’t” —to embrace the goodness and sacred beauty of all she is. Her power returned to her the day she traded cultural normsthat kept her quiet, small and politefor her inner wisdom which told her to move toward becoming. Her power returned to her the day she laid down the ingrained pattern to serve everyone before…