Return to Me: A Sacred Mother Painting Exploration

MaMagiMamaMatterMaterMother Today, I share with you a love offering. The above is a small portion of a painting I created, entitled, “Return to Me.” From March 2020 to March 2021, I took part in the Red Madonna “Psalms of Creation,” (a branch of the larger Musea community). You are invited to spend nine minutes to watch a video that shares about this painting and the exploration of the theme of Sacred Mother and her relationship to the young masculine. In the video, you’ll hear why this theme is important to me and will see some of the layers, process of…

Permission to Change

Trees bloom again —rings wider,branches longer,flowers brighter;a familiar Spring cycleof evolution. Familiar facesdrift through my memory —those who encountered meone year ago,three years ago,ten years ago,thirty years ago Friends whose paths have curved away from mine. Do I live in a locked boxin their memory the waythey live in mine?Faint impressions loopof prior connection—A laugh we shared,a certain point of view agreed upon,a break of misunderstanding,a comment made in haste. The pace of minutes age the drapery of skin I wear,despite my choosing. Mindful, daily steps offer the vessel of soul I bearto evolve with the seasons. I can’t change…

Seeker of the Edge

(A continuation from Ash Wednesday’s poem, Seeker of Ash) • • • Outside,the moon hangs with foresight. Inside,I sit in the basement of the sanctuary, rifle theforgotten book on my lap,flashlight in hand,flip with fury,find fallen phenomenon. Creeeeeak, creeeeeak, creeeeeakFootsteps above me,my heart stops— What if they figure me out? Quiet settles,I keep on,forge for informationof the deep way With roots fixed firm,there she is —arms rise to flexible form,an expansive stretch Gaia, spreader of seeds With flaming heart,there she is —eyes flicker with desire,faces the fable of sin Eve, seeker of solid food With fluid connection,there she is—hands embrace…

Creative Advent: Leaning Joy

As Mary leans into herself as one who creates,her joy grows. Daily, she writes on papyrus;honors the holy flareof her words. Her soul magnifies the One
who seeks the humble,
human way.

 She purrs a tune to her soul words;
sings in rejoice, a
clear love song
 Flight of a butterfly lives within;
her body in rhythm,
Spirit beats The cocoon woven splits open,her wings grown in syncwith the Christ seed She leans into her flaming heart,She leans into Divine mercy,She leans into satisfied hunger
. Mary declares for the whole to hear,“All generations will call me blessed.” She, the blessed motherwho stands for creation,who leans into…

A Vigil of Love (complete.)

•Beloved, you hold me and whisper, “Be Loved.” I hear your words and hold them in my heart.• You set a spark within my soul. Your radiance shimmers the shadow spaces.• When I am thirsty, you rain abundance. When I am weak, you pour grace.• You weave a fresh tale of hope. A yarn that lifts the lost and lonely.An epic of peace and justice. I hear my story in your words.• You don’t give up on me. You trek alongside on sunny days and moonlit nights. Where others have walked away, you remain.• I find you under the quiet…