Invitation to SEE in the Dark

Shady black rolls into town —comes as stripes of darknessthat infiltrate the spaceThis story begins with the line,“On a dark and stormy night,”it’s an ancient story told —one you may have heard beforewith death as a central point When this thread is told,a cloak of grief descends,a dappled blue fog of sadness hangs,may even lure one towarda grim alleyway of lostnesswhere black is on trial Of all the hues, you see—black is the edgy oneit’s identity has been up in the air for some time— is it all pigments mixed togetheror the absence of light? this confusion has turned black…

Seeker of Ash

Ash Wednesday · Beginning of LentFebruary 17th, 2021 I’m drainedfrom invitations to follow the Light —eyes on the prize of resurrection. As ifthe lightis the only thingwe needto seek,and it’s there. No. (there.) Just. out. of. reach. Separate from me. I try to grasp it. Arms stretched. Fingers. Can’t. Reach. the Blaze. I fall on my knees. Exhausted from Trying. Overhead, silver fingers wisp in the sky;they point to the ground. I take my fingers and press them into soft soil,move them through blades of grass —dirt finds my fingernails;I start to digwithout thought. Soon enough,I’m elbows deepin faint memorieslaced…

Sacred Treasure

I have heardthere is goldbeyondthe dollar,a treasure where deep joy abidesdespite the desperate web of storiesspun to seize. I am toldto seek thisfleck of honeypast the irate voiceswho squawk from one channelof persuasion andwiden my scopeto the holy court where wholeness and grace residesfor all. I learnthis wealthisn’t found inunbendable beliefof the left or right,rather is coaxedfrom betweenmy tears asI sway gentlyto see all anglesof the firm structuresin place. There, at the slim pocket offorty-two degrees,in the region of the heart,a rainbow ribbonof organic delightis glimpsed.Her eyes catch minewith a gaze of love;she reassures“I am here with you.” I breathe…

Creative Advent: Peaceful Gaze

Before the magnificat,the singing of praisethe hallelujah of incarnation,Mary & Elizabeth sip teain the quiet afternoon,affable words wovenwith the warm presence of golden lanternbetween the trial of their lives.As their weight grows,they speak from their heartnot of the past, ratherof the miracle coming. After the embrace,the greeting –the leaping in the womb,Mary and Elizabeth,young maiden and elder cronerest into ease as sacred friends,a silent understanding heldas their gaze falls onto the glow of creation,the holy blaze between them.As they watch and wait,they wear their sitting shawl, a blanket of possibility for all. In the gray space ofbefore and after, the…

Creative Advent: Hopeful Imagination

“But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary,for you have found favor with God.” – Luke 1:30 With relentless zest,
the angels speak —
“Do not be afraid.” 
In other words, the 
heavenly beings seduce,“Release your fear
 in order tocreate life force 
with the Divine.” Here lies the invitation. One who says, “Yes!,”— who chooses to create —
must firstgreet their angst,welcome a foreign seed,ask of the origin,
reckon the rowdy rootswhich knit the 
fabricof the story. Regardless of voices who clashcymbals of resistance —One who carries 
the Divineis called to weave worrythrough the heart, to
lull gremlins asleepwith the power of…