Cards for Caring (A Love Practice in the Face of Tragedy)

You’ll Need:
A plain card or paper folded in half
A thin black permanent Marker
Color of your choice: Watercolors, Watercolor pencils or Markers


{00:00} : Welcome

{00:30} : Connection of the Red Thread

{1:00) : Introduction to Cards for Caring

{2:16} : Materials Needed

{2:35} : Becoming Present. What experience or situation am I HERE to tend?
What emotion lives within me about this situation.
Choose color.
Add border around the card.

{3:30} : Honor both the living and deceased.
Create tender hearts, stars or dots as you hold them in your heart.

{4:30} : What caring or compassionate intention do you desire to bring to this situation?
What one-word prayer comes to mind?
Add your word to the card.

{5:20} : With your black marker, create a symbol for the word you chose.
Allow your line to free flow and be surprised by what arises.

{5:55} : Add a vibrant and loving color to your symbol.

{6:55} : Activate your symbol with energetic lines and dashes.

{8:00} : Write your message or blessing on the front of the card.

{8:30} : Who do I know who may need this care in their life?!
Spread your love into the world.