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A Woman’s 13-Step Intentional Creativity Workshop
Saturday, January 19, 2019
10am – 5pm
New Location: 127 Talbooth St., Aberdeen, NC, directly behind The Bakehouse, the building adjoining the future Indigo Healing Arts Studio

Our body is a beautiful vessel which allows us to work, play, exercise and experience intimacy. Yet, too often, we give power to the voice within us that sends critical messages of our exterior inadequacy, our aging, our illness. In this 13-step IC workshop, we’ll begin in a red thread circle* to create a container of sharing and listening. You’ll have time and space to write with journal inquiries to bring to light the body beliefs that hold you back. I’ll lead you in a guided visualization to help you discover anew the affirmations you hold within. The canvas becomes our means to create a painting of our body beautiful, to listen to our inner wisdom and tend to ourselves with color. Through our day, I’ll share readings and question prompts to help you dive deeper into your soul space. No painting experience is necessary. You will not be copying my painting, but I’ll be your guide to take you through each step. This is not a painting class to teach you how to paint. It’s less about the end product, rather becomes a visual exploration of the story and information you carry.

*A Red Thread Circle honors the ancient way of gathering in circle to share story, wisdom and experience from each voice. A red thread is passed as a symbol of connection and sacred responsibility to the whole.

Our lunch break will be from 12:15 – 1pm. You are invited to bring a healthy dish to share for lunch or leave and return. Water and snacks will be provided.

Thank you for your interest! Class is Full! Please check back for my next offering.