Soul Kindling upholds life as a sacred story to awaken creativity, tend spiritual practice, honor inner wisdom and spark fresh vision.

There is a deep well within each individual that awaits ignition to bring healing and vision to ourselves and the greater world. Yet, too often, we focus on the dis-ease in our personal lives and the state of the world. Soul Kindling, created by founder Ally Markotich, guides women and men into innovative soul work to tend this gap so that individuals walk their path with a renewed perspective and clearer purpose.

Ally invites participants to a table of sacred creativity to explore the divine wisdom one carries within and re-member oneself as creative. At the core of Soul Kindling is the belief that all people are both sacred and creative. Yet, for many, there is a disconnection from one or both. When we are grounded in Divine love and linked to our creativity, we heal past stories, discover the passion of our heart and take action to bring this contribution to the world.

The antidote the world needs are nests of belonging where people experience radical love when they express their truth and an open space to explore their story. As senses are engaged, individuals re-member creative know-how and unlock fresh insight. Ally provides a welcome sanctuary for women and men to do personal work around a specific theme. Ally works with topics such as transition, belonging, embracing one’s body, finding beauty within, resurrection of oneself, living each day as a sacred path, honoring one’s innate wisdom and clarifying vision for one’s life.

Writing, active imagination and painting are the main sacred tools used to explore one’s personal narrative. Participants are gently guided to consider their writing and art with prayerful intent as they navigate a series of painted layers. Structure is given, however, freedom of color, line and expression is encouraged. As one engages mindfully with the process, personal images, symbols and words arise that allow opportunity for healing, clarity and vision to a participant’s path. Each painting is unique to the maker.

Soul Kindling began after Ally experienced profound restoration while taking Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® teacher training with artist, Shiloh Sophia in 2018. During the course, some themes Ally worked through were: creative worth in modern culture, giving voice to the (non-dominant) perspective, sense of belonging, receiving herself as artist and God’s presence beyond the walls of the church. As she painted, she embraced herself as creative and reconnected to the Sacred Feminine within herself and the Christian Tradition. In January 2019, she opened Soul Kindling to share her passion of creativity as communion with the Divine and provide space for others to tend their inner spark.

Ally Markotich is passionate about sparking the creative flame that lives within each of us. She’s an artist, poet and Intentional Creativity® teacher. For over a decade, Ally has traveled a rich road of spiritual “Ahas!” Along the way, her eyes opened to the divide within church, family, cultural systems as well as herself. She longed to heal this divide, but traditional ways of engaging faith didn’t satisfy her thirst.

A turning point occurred when she took coursework in Spiritual Formation through Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) which reconnected her to the gifts of ritual, spiritual practice and Celtic wisdom. During this period, she was challenged by a friend to consider her art as prayer. This felt provocative. She sat down with watercolors, colored pencils and a sketchbook. Poetry poured. Color flowed. Her inner kindling was set aglow. From this point forward, she continued to make room for silence and creativity. Her exploration of spirituality through color and word led Ally to find artist, Shiloh Sophia, and the movement of Intentional Creativity®. This process gave her sacred tools to delve deep with intention into her personal narrative to transform and heal.

Ally is the founder of Soul Kindling (LLC), a workshop-based business designed to awaken participants to their inner well of wisdom with paint and inquiry as the sacred tools. In November 2018, Ally received certification as an Intentional Creativity® teacher with artist, Shiloh Sophia’s, Color of Woman School to guide participants to tend their personal story with inquiry and paint. She is now a member of the Intentional Creativity® Guild. In Summer 2019, Ally served in a support role for Shiloh Sophia’s Red Thread Guide program to provide feedback and encouragement for the women who took the course. In August 2017, she completed a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) where her creativity was reignited and the sacred ordinary was discovered. She has her BFA in Graphic Design from Alfred University (NY).

Ally’s painting, The Rising, received an honorable mention in the Moore County Fine Arts Festival (NC/August 2019) and her piece, Wild Reverence, was shown at Litmus Gallery in downtown Raleigh, NC as part of the Anything Goes exhibit in October 2018. She’s been featured as the “Monk in the World” guest post on Abbey of the Arts in October 2017 and October 2015. In April 2017, she placed second in the Weymouth Writer’s Competition (NC) for a non-fiction piece entitled, The Illumined Path. In the same contest, she received an honorable mention for a poem entitled, Years Gone By. Ally has served in a variety of volunteer leadership roles. Her favorite have been those where creativity has no bounds and deep conversation is encouraged.

Ally Markotich is in the lineage of artist Shiloh Sophia and a member of the Intentional Creativity® Foundation. This artistic movement is a worldwide momentum to raise consciousness with intentional inquiry, drawing and painting as the sacred tools. This collective of women artists, healers and teachers are on a mission to guide others through creative process to bring healing to our stories and our world. The Intentional Creativity® philosophy holds that all beings are inherently creative and that through creating we can gain access to greater wisdom, healing and empowerment.