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Hello there. Thanks for stopping by. Who am I? My name is Ally. I’m an artist. A creator. I’m especially passionate about the meeting place of soul + creativity. I love to explore this encounter with words and art. I play with the sound, meaning and energy of words to explore connection with the divine. I’m learning that the process of art is a gateway to mend old negative stories into new thriving possibility. It’s not about the “end product”, it’s all about being present to the work while it’s being created. I love gathering women in intentional spaces. I love going deep in conversation. I love brainstorming big ideas with open people. I love encouraging others to tend to their whole selves, to listen and respond to what their life is calling them toward. Overall, I love kindling all souls to realize they are loved and belong.

Ally Markotich is thrilled to currently spend her days learning and creating with Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Women School to become an Intentional Creativity teacher who leads Red Thread Circles. In August 2017, Ally completed a certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) where she discovered art as prayer and ordinary life sacred. She has her BFA in Graphic Design from Alfred University (NY). Ally has been featured as the “Monk in the World” guest post on www.abbeyofthearts.com in October 2015 and October 2017. In April 2017, she placed second in the (NC) Weymouth Writer’s Competition for a non-fiction piece entitled, The Illumined Path. In the same contest, she received an honorable mention for a poem entitled, Years Gone By. Her husband, two sons and crazy yellow lab help keep her grounded to live life (rather messily) with grace, compassion and humor.