Meet Ally

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. 
Who am I? My name is Ally. I’m an artist. 
A dreamer. A girl on a quest to awaken your inner spark with art, musings and workshops. Why am I especially passionate about the spark? A few years back, my light was dim. You see, I’d put creativity aside for over a decade to fold and fit myself in the box culture deems appropriate. A turning point occurred when I was challenged by my friend, Jennifer, to consider my art as prayer. Could art even be prayer? I sat down with 
some watercolors and colored pencils. Freedom flowed. Spark! My inner kindling 
was aglow.

I realized the act of creating helped me stay connected to loving Creator. By engaging with words and paint from a place of heart, I tapped into a different place within myself. 
I committed to this practice. Slowly, my glow become a blaze of passion burning at the intersection of soul and creativity. As a recovering perfectionist, one of my first ahas was how my focus with art had long been on “how good” the finished piece looked. Yet, as I tended to my connection with the divine through word and image, my concern with the “look” of the finished product fell away. Lingering with the process became a gateway toward healing and wholeness. Yet, how could I go even deeper with this?

Through prayer, hope and my friend, Ellen’s suggestion, I found artist Shiloh Sophia, the founder and guide of the Intentional Creativity Foundation. For the last year, I’ve studied with her Color of Woman School to learn how to guide others through an intentional, mindful process that connects a bit of red thread, some inquiry, paint and a spark of glitter for a transformative result. That’s where you come in! I truly desire to bring you into this adventure.

· Are you one whose creativity is a dull ember?
· Do you long to live a live of passion but don’t know where to begin?
· Are you a woman whose schedule is packed full with no time for self-nurture?
· Would you like to find meaning in the mundane daily routine?
· Are you a burnt out leader and need time for restoration?
· Are you overwhelmed by division in our families, our businesses, our churches and our world?
· Are you saddened by the lost feminine nature and long to see her resurrection?

These are the spark points for my work in the world. All this fuels my offerings 
of art, word and workshops. I love encouraging others to tend to their whole selves, to listen and respond to what their life is calling them toward. I’d love to connect with you and converse about how we can work together to spark your spirit and bring healing to your the world.

Read on for imperative influences and a few of my credentials!

I was raised in Western New York but I’ve spent the last eighteen years living in North Carolina. The influences for my art and words over the last few years have been contemplatives, storytellers, poets, artists and edge dwellers*. These influences have stretched my heart and spurred new questions within. Currently, I’m smitten with considering how ritual enriches our days; gleaning from nature, animals and nuances of organic process; working with personal symbols for healing, our connection to the past and the gift we leave to future generations. Delving into work with the Sacred Feminine has provided tremendous healing for me, as has my continued exploration of the subversive style of Jesus. Oh, how I love to dwell on his upside-down nature!

Most recently, my art piece, Wild Reverence, was shown at Litmus Gallery in downtown Raleigh as part of their Anything Goes exhibit. In November 2018, I received certification as an Intentional Creativity® teacher with Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Woman School to guide others to uncover their personal ahas with inquiry, paint and glitter. In August 2017, 
I completed a certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) where I discovered art as prayer and ordinary life sacred. I’ve served in a variety of volunteer leadership roles, my favorite have been those where creativity has no bounds and deep conversation is encouraged.

I have my BFA in Graphic Design from Alfred University (NY). I’ve been featured as the “Monk in the World” guest post on Abbey of the Arts in October 2015 and October 2017. I was thrilled in April 2017 to place second in the Weymouth Writer’s Competition (NC) for a non-fiction piece entitled, The Illumined Path. In the same contest, I received an honorable mention for a poem entitled, Years Gone By.

When I’m not creating, you’ll find me spending time with my family, reading a good book, gazing at the clouds, dabbing on essential oils or singing silly songs to my dog and kids. My husband, two sons and yellow lab help keep me grounded to live life (rather messily) with grace, compassion and humor.

* Rob Bell, Billy Collins, Sue Hoya Sellers, Mary Oliver, Parker Palmer, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Jan Richardson, Richard Rohr, Christine Valters-Paintner, Shiloh Sophia