Into the Midnight Hour

An offering of art & word for this election day.

I follow the thread of my heart —

into the midnight hour,
where questions churn
and worries knock

And there,
I am greeted
by a warm wind

(I’m not quite sure
where it’s come from,
or where it’s headed)

Yet, it hums a message of love
into my being,

where mercy flows for all people and
compassion is given room at the table.

I receive this light
like a thirsty traveler,

lapping in the luxury
of water and Spirit.

After all this time, I see,
the truth is LOVE,

and it is for ME
and for YOU

Here, I am changed —
as I vision
this love pouring into
people and animals
sky and earth

I see a world of kindness and integrity
where all stories matter.

This is the world I desire to live in.
This is the world I choose to curate.

I take the heart thread and share it with my kin.
What else is there to do but pass along good news?

Join me, won’t you?

I’ve long been a fan of the story of Nicodemus in John 3. The story of this Pharisee seeking out Christ in the middle of the night to ask probing, soulful questions resonates in my experience of faith. When I put myself “in” as a character in these ancient stories, I am no longer “separated” as a reader taking in information. I become an intimate part of the Divine story at play in the world — still today. May you vote with love leading your way!