Announcing Colorful Me Sanctuary

During my time of working closely with women to enhance colorful verve and beautiful authenticity,
questions have nudged me to engage their curiosity:

What would it be like for those who desire to explore the sacred feminine
to have a soulful haven to return to again and again for creative nourishment?

Is there a way to make this nourishment sustainable so it doesn’t overwhelm,

but fills your cup to enhance the rest of your living?

Can a community be formed that offers support and witness to the depth of soulful, creative nourishment?

Colorful Me Sanctuary  is an online haven dedicated to creative, soulful practice
and the wisdom of feminine connection. It’s designed to nourish your spark
in under one hour of creative time per week and connect you with other soulful, creative explorers.

I’m passionate that you gain access to your inner Wisdom

and re-member your creative prowess among other soulful explorers.
I care that you have a space for creative, spiritual practice that provides ongoing connection.

For this reason, some of the main features of Colorful Me Sanctuary include:

Seasonal Art & Writing Journeys

A Virtual Monthly Circle to Connect & Grow and

A Virtual Monthly Studio Time 

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Be inspired each season as you enter into a time of refreshment to playfully navigate
the dynamic terrain of your story via a creative journey.
Each season is centered on a life giving theme to activate your sacred imagination.
I’ll gently guide you to engage weekly creative prompts (on your timeframe)
that weave together and form a completed piece of artwork, such as a storybook.

Season of Presence: Sanctuary of You opens on November 7th!

I invite YOU to come with me for Season of Presence: Sanctuary of You,
a journey to explore yourself as an expansive sanctuary!
Along this colorful path, you’ll bridge relationship with yourself as both human and Divine,
discover the jewels of your interior world that desire to shine bright and nurture a heartfelt,
creative connection with your environment.

During this season, you’ll receive weekly prompts to create a color-filled Sanctuary Soul Book
that holds handwritten blessings, prayers and ritual cards with the magic of color and word.
I’d absolutely be delighted to have you enter into this time to slow down and be present to the Sanctuary of YOU.

Two ways to Join: Seasonally or As an Annual Member