Celebration of Mary Magdalene

Happy Feast of Mary Magdalene.

What do YOU love about Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene’s story is a tale that has been twisted and turned. First shifted by Pope Gregory in the sixth century during a sermon, his words labeled Mary Magdalene as a “sinner/prostitute.” These words stuck to her and (seemed to) remove her credibility. Yet, truth rises to the top and her REAL POWER could not be buried.

In the late 1800’s, the well-preserved codex of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene was discovered in upper Egypt. In it, Mary Magdalene’s love for Christ shines through. It’s clear to see that the disciples look to her for wisdom and she bravely and vulnerably tells them her vision of Christ. Even when she is doubted by Peter (because she is a woman), she stands her ground.

This is what I love about Mary Magdalene. She spoke her voice and visions – even if what she had to say sounded strange to some – she shared boldly with love. She IS love. She is the Apostle of the apostles and is a model for faith that includes invisible sacred imagination… a space where mystery meets form.

Today, I celebrate the medicine she continues to carry into the world through those who love her. Join me!