A Hometown Prayer for Buffalo

My original home is Buffalo, New York, land of the Iroquois. What I know about the people of Buffalo — including my family of origin — is they are all about FIERCE LOVE. Fierce love is a loyal love, a love that may disagree, but at the end of the day, we come together around a big table of food and celebrate. Fierce love is a love that snowblows your driveway after fifteen inches of snow falls — just an ordinary winter day. Fierce love is a love that brings pop, subs, chips and some laughter to the waiting room of the hospital just because. Fierce love is yelling at your sports team and seriously defending your sports team all in the span of five minutes. Fierce love shows up when the going gets tough.

Buffalo has been through adversities in the past, and once, again, they will rise — rise in fierce love to come together and rally in common unity — because this is what community is all about. Today, my heart and prayers are with Buffalo in the aftermath of tragedy.

A Prayer for Common Unity

Our opinions may be opposite
AND we all have a voice to respond in love.

Our cultures may contradict
AND we all have ears to listen.

Our perspectives may be particular
AND we all have eyes to observe a larger story.

Our tables may serve different food
AND we all have hands to feed.

Our bodies may reside on various sides of the tracks
AND we all have hearts that feel pain and joy.

Our families may seem unrelated
AND we all have a mother and father.

Our elevation may range from low to high,
AND we all breathe the same air.

May we —
allow our differences to open us to a deeper unity.
believe in the power of small, kind, intentional acts of love,
seek ways to come together,
remember we have more in common than not.

Let fierce love lead the way.


“We can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

If you feel the pull to create a visual prayer for Buffalo, connect with my complimentary Cards for Caring practice here.