Of the Earth

Of the Earth by Ally Markotich · Print Available HERE

She woke up one day
and decided she mattered.
On this very day,

she chose to love herself.
She bent her ear to the
still, small seed within her
rather than the voices who
promised a plan for her life.
Her fingers reached deep
into cosmic starry pockets
and took hold of the medicine
that belonged to her.
She tossed
this unique sprinkle of balm
wherever she went —
and before long,
a garden grew
all around her.
Flowers of ideas
kept arising.
Tell me,
what could she do other than
cut flowers and share them
with friends?


she returns and tends
to the spiral love within her.
She regularly catches
sight of the gardener
who whispers her name and speaks,
“Keep going. I am with you.”
She does the only thing she can.
She keeps going.