Light a Candle With Me?

Will you light a candle with me today?

A year ago, the U.S. capital was under attack in a brutal way. Through my eyes, what I saw as I watched the news was hate erupting, indignation and an attempt at a takeover. I won’t say that it didn’t scare me. It did.

From my perspective, everything in the U.S. feels very polarized these days. You’re either on “this” side or “that” side. You either wear a mask, or you don’t. You either are “for” vaccination or you are against it. I read the letters sent in to the editor every week in my local paper and am amazed by the hate that is spewed from “one side” to the “other.” I grew up in a Republican house, yet as a young person, tended to lean towards more liberal views. The gift this gave me is that I regularly ponder both “sides”. I don’t usually understand strongly held viewpoints (from either side), but it stretches me to consider what the person’s story is who is sharing. I become curious as to why they have a certain perspective. What experiences did they have to make them feel a certain way? And, can I let go of attempting to shift them to my perspective and simply witness their story?

Recently, I read something that Shiloh Sophia wrote about “certainty” – and the way I received her words is that when we are too “certain” in our views, it’s a dangerous place to be because we don’t have breadth for what ELSE can be. It made me think about times I’ve been CERTAIN about something and how it all came crumbling down — and the people I turned off because of my “certain” perspective. These days, I’m attempting to welcome uncertainty and not have the answer. What I’m finding is that it’s really good NOT to know and entertain the mystery. The “in-between” space holds limitless possibility.

In the meantime, I think of these words Christ spoke in Luke 6:33: “And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you?” A reminder to be kind to all, not only “the good“ — to consider that we may not understand someone’s actions or choices, however, we can choose to simply witness them without trying to change them. And, on our personal path we CAN light a candle, say a prayer of love for our world and make the choice for ourselves that aligns with our values.

I value Love, creativity and the zesty life that brews around us. What about you?

Maybe the kindness of our actions will lead to an inspired path created for us and for others.

Wishing you much peace this day. Ally