2022 Prayer Squares Circle

Thank you for joining me for this yearly adventure.

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Jan. 2nd Week One: Begin Anew
Jan. 9th Week Two: Awakening
Jan. 16th Week Three: Illumination (Full Moon)
Jan. 23rd Week Four: Tension
Jan. 30th Week Five: Earth Prayer (New Moon)


Feb. 6th (Wk One): A Love Prayer for Myself
Feb. 13th (Wk Two):
Connection with Divine Love (Full Moon)
Feb. 20th (Wk Three):
Somebody(s) I Love
Feb. 27th (Wk Four):
Sticky Love with the Other (New Moon)

MARCH PROMPTS: Sacred Environment

March 6th Week One: The Ground I Stand Upon
March 13th Week Two: Sacred Hearth & Home (Full Moon: Mar. 18)
March 20th Week Three: The Trees Outside my Window
March 27th Week Four: Dusty Closets (New Moon: Apr. 1st)

APRIL PROMPTS: Plot of My Story

April 3rd Week One: A present theme (what theme is currently arising right where you find yourself)
April 10th Week Two:
A recurring theme (what theme keeps finding it’s way to you); Full Moon (16th)
April 17th Week Three: 
A hearty theme (what theme knocks at the door of your heart and asks you to open)
April 24th Week Four:
A growth theme (what theme desires to grow you even if it may be challenging); New Moon (30th)

MAY PROMPTS: Terrain I Travel

May 1st Week One: I Saw the Sign
May 8th Week Two: Twisty, turny roads
May 15th Week Three:  Mountaintop of delight (Full Moon, May 16th)
May 22nd Week Four: Valley of crowds
May 29th Week Five: Oasis of Refreshment (New Moon, May 30th)

JUNE PROMPTS: Encounters Along the Way

June 5th Week One: Spirit Animal Whispers
June 12th Week Two: Gnomes, Trolls and Bigfoot (oh my!) (Full Moon, June 14th)
June 19th Week Three:  Friendly-Faced Fortune Tellers
June 26th Week Four: Fairy Godmothers & Pixie Dust (New Moon, June 28th)

JULY PROMPTS: Mid-Way Story Heart Check

July 3rd Week One: Heart of Freedom Prayer
July 10th Week Two: A Prayer for what My Gut Knows (Full Moon, July 13th)
July 17th Week Three:  Peace of Mind Prayer
July 24th Week Four: Eyes of Love Prayer (New Moon, July 28th)
July 31st Week Five: Where My Feet Desire to Go Prayer

AUGUST PROMPTS: Gifts Along the Path

August 7th Week One: Nature’s Abundance (Full Moon on August 11)
August 14th Week Two: Silent Listening
August 21st Week Three:  Surprise Goodie Found in the Dark (New Moon, August 27)
August 28th Week Four: Wisdom Messages

SEPTEMBER PROMPTS: Magical Materials of Medicinal Love

September 4th Week One: Kitchen Ingredients of Love (Full Moon on the 9th)
September 11th Week Two: Materials/Tools I Work with Daily
September 18th Week Three: Lost & Found Gadgets
September 25th Week Four: A Basket Full of Magic (A prayer over the goods you carry; New Moon 25th)

OCTOBER PROMPTS: Prayers of Gathering

October 2nd Week One: Making Room to Gather Goodness
October 9th Week Two: Gathering Up Nature (Full Moon on the 9th)
October 16th Week Three: A Gathering of Friends
October 23rd Week Four: Gathering Dreams (New Moon 25th)
October 30th Week Five: Gathering the Ancestors


November 6th Week One (Full Moon): Thanksgiving for Little Things
November 13th Week Two: Thankful for Divine Signs
November 20th Week Three (New Moon): Thanking My Origins
November 27th Week Four:  Gratitude for this Year’s Gifts

DECEMBER PROMPTS: Prayers of Coming Home

December 4th Week One (Full Moon): Coming Home with Hope

December 11th Week Two: Coming Home with Peace

December 17th Week Three (New Moon): Coming Home with Joy

December 24th Week Four:  Coming Home with Love

Here’s a nifty set up of my sketchbook page so you can see how I create a Prayer Squares page!


Here’s a handy, fun, interactive 1/2 page printable that you can add to your sketchbook as a monthly Moon Glow reflection. Track along with the moon! Each month, notice the rhythm.

• From New moon to Waxing, write about what you nourish
• From Waxing to Full, pay attention to what illumination rises
• From Full to Waning, what are you receptive of?
• From Waning to New, take action to release/compost something.

Is there a symbol that desires to be added to the center? Play with the “windows” that surround the circle. What are they inviting you to SEE? Click the button to print out and PLAY!