A Message of Connection

A Message of Connection

“You have heard it said,
“Noone comes to the Father except through Me.” – John 14:6

hear this:



to the





Mother.” ”

I send you greetings of love and life as the celebration of Christmas is nearly here. My gift to you is a message of connection. As you enter into places and spaces that focus on the Christ child — may Life Mother be included.

Life Mother goes by many names: Madonna, Eve, Wisdom, Ruah, Sophia, Guadalupe. This week, we honor Mary. She is present wherever you are. You see, Life Mother is within all of us. She is there in the recesses of our hearts wooing us to say “YES” to the impossible, the improbable.

Mary spoke “Yes” to an unexpected messenger who arrived with a life changing invitation. Initially, confusion set in at what she had heard. What could she trust when she heard the invitation to bear the holy child? She could trust her own body. Her body held wisdom and growth within it. I envision the message of the angel entering Mary’s consciousness. First, her heart beats fast with anticipation. Then, the message trickles her senses; her whole body a coherence of love from head to gut to heart to toes. Her “Yes” message vibrated within before she even verbalized her truth. Once Mary chose, she listened to the wisdom of her body again. She left to be with her cousin Elizabeth, a companion who provided support. She didn’t choose to stay around naysayers or those who judged her situation from the outside. Her body chose life.

This year, I’ve painted five paintings that, in one way or another, honor the Trinity of Mother, Spirit, Child. What I’ve discovered as I’ve painted is: the blessed Trinity lives within all of us. We are the ones who hold the power to tune into our bodies and listen for the “YES” that desires to be lived. Spirit awaits our “Yes!” to weave a miracle creative child within us. We can choose to nourish this colorful seed to bear our unique light and life in the world.

As the new year beckons, let us connect with our inner Trinity, be brave enough to speak our “Yes”, trust the knowing of our bodies and choose companions who support our choice. In the darkness of our womb growth, there is unseen nourishment and connection. We do not go alone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!

With love, Ally