Holy Gaze of Art

Today, I share with you an article I wrote for Columbia Theological Seminary, titled “The Holy Gaze of Art”

The Holy Gaze of Art

Have you ever let words fall away?

I don’t mean a week long silent retreat or a time of quiet meditation in your day.

Rather, have you ever placed books, articles, podcasts, news and teachings of others aside to deeply listen in to your personal wisdom for a stretch of time?

As a lifelong lover of words and knowledge, I’m naturally a seeker of revelation.

With anticipation, I can hardly wait for who the next revelation will come from — will a friend speak exactly what I need to hear?

Will a pastor’s poignant sermon fall upon my heart and bring tears?

Will an author share thoughtful words that shift my perspective on something I was formerly closed to?

I’ve been trained to believe the experts know more than I do; the truth lives outside my bones.

Then, there I find myself — at the crossroads of spirituality and creativity; an inner pilgrimage beckons – to discover the knowing I hold.

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