Tears of Healing

At the canvas,
I stand as I am,
present to the rising,
in communion
with Divine Love.

Quiet pulses in my ears,
sadness rolls down —
a lost whisper emerges,
trickles down my cheek.
Wet faded memory.

Why am I crying — again?
My instinct is to berate myself,
apologize for me being me,
dismiss the emotion.
Today, I choose different.

I rest in the pause.
Here, I find the voice of tears.

They hum,
“Feel me. See me.
I am part of you.
Why hide me?
Why hold me in?
If you wipe at me too quickly,
you’ll never have access to
the blessing I bring.
If others don’t welcome your tears,
this is not your concern.
Afterall, I am pure essence
to something you carry.
Allow me to flow freely.
I am baptism of renewal,
a salt water immersion
for your weary soul.”

At the canvas,
I include my tears,
present to the rising,
in communion
with my beating heart.

Reception is mine.


Recently I was part of a conversation on complicated grief. Grief has many layers and is often compacted
down. Our society doesn’t (generally) encourage healthy ways to process grief… we are taught to “Chin up and
carry on.”

People are grieving these days and many of us also feel collective grief. Our children are sponges and pick up on our heartache. When not processed healthily (numbed or suppressed), this can ail our bodies, minds and spirits.

What does a healthy processing of grief look like?
Can we press pause and take time out from our normal schedule to sit and listen to our grief?

If we allow ourselves to slow down and give permission to name our grief, we bring consciousness to it. Then comes the work of BEing with it, nurturing it and gently inviting healing. Grief is a cycle that isn’t linear and can take years to navigate. Grief may come in waves daily and all we can do is tend the moment we are in. Grief invites us to be gentle with ourselves. Creativity is a wonderful tool to navigate grief. I’m sharing some notes that hold collective wisdom about the grief process taken from a local group I participated with as one of three facilitators. I am grateful to offer soulful creative practice to guide people through their grief. Contact me for more information about creativity as a potent tool of healing.