Color Your Hours

Dawn rises with a stroke of bubblegum pink,
a blessing of beauty in the morn.

Each minute of our day
holds possibility to honor what it brings.

Each hour of our day
is an invitation to sense the sacred.

We only need to slow down and observe.
You are invited to gaze into the eyes of the hours.

With simple tools
mixed media paper
black permanent marker
some color
and a fleck of gold

come along to create your personal prayer book
to honor the hours

(based on the monastic practice
of praying the hours)

This is a video class
to participate with on your own timeframe.
Week One opens this Sunday, October 10th.
The experience completes Wednesday, November 16th.
Supported by three Zoom Calls
along the way.

The full invitation can be viewed HERE.

You are invited.
I’d love to have your presence.