Something to Celebrate (More on Soul Care)

Heart Fire by Ally Markotich © 2021

This is no ordinary day.

Today, she hears it said,
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”*

(as yourself)
(as yourself)

This echo ripples through her core.

She had never heard it this way.
It was usually:
Love God. Love others.
The end.

(as yourself)
(as yourself)

There it is again. A bell rings within.

“If I’m to love my neighbors as myself,
How DO I love myself?” she ponders.

Her non-stop days of hustle bustle come to mind.
Quick eating. Limited exercise. Doing for others.
Crumbs leftover for herself.

She catches a snippet of harsh self-criticism in her mind;
a thought she’d never dare say to another.


(as yourself)
(as yourself)

This is no ordinary day.

Today, she decides to rewrite her story
and practice love for herself.

She begins by watering
the inner ground of her being.

(where the Divine resides)

She tunes in to her inner knowing
and honors what she hears.

(still, small voice)

She plants a rainbow seed in her heart
and claims the creative worth she holds.

(sacred garden of her soul)

She nurtures her own ideas instead of
following the suggestions of others.

(the Wisdom path)

She rests even though rest isn’t popular.

(Sabbath activism)

She says, “No” even though saying “No” isn’t popular.

(cultural resistance)

As she shows up again and again,
She learns soul care.

This is no ordinary day.

Today, she dons the Spirit flame upon her crown
and writes a love story of herself.

And in loving herself,
she pours out to the Divine and others
from a grounded and healthier place.

is something to CELEBRATE.

*“Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Mark 12:31

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