A Prescription for “Just So”

Who is “Just So” and WHY does she matter?
Well, let me tell you —
“Just So” is a little tight,
a constrained sorta dame.
She has a tendency to be wary of anything TOO colorful.

“Just So” saunters in to say,
“My oh my, sure is dirty in this house.
Gotta get your cleaning done before you can create.”

“Just So” splits work from fun:
“Work and pleasure cannot be had together.
And THAT’S the end of the discussion.”

“Just So” takes charge of the destination rather than to enjoy the flow of the river:
“I’ve got the map and first aid kit. Water bottles and snacks are packed. It’ll take us two hours to get to the end of our route. Keep your eyes on the path. We don’t have time to dilly dally.”

You may wonder how I know “Just So” with such intimacy.
Well, she used to have the reins of my hands, feet and especially my thoughts.
She was (*TOTALLY*) in charge.
At one point, she even convinced me I needed a large three-ring binder of organization for all the nuances of my day to day living.
Whoa! That was extreme.
When I created, she’d whisper,
“That line is wrong. You better start over. You know what? Let’s just forget the whole thing.”

I’ve come to learn that “Just So” MEANS well,
it’s that she doesn’t always express herself from a space of abundance.
She can be, rather, shall I say … limited.
She may even be a tad… scared.
She was never taught to… shimmy, shimmy.

Over time, I’ve invited “Just So” to a table of hospitality and whimsy.
At times, she spins out and tries to control the whole thing.
She attempts to grab the reins and keep life boxed in.
“Just So” is especially fond of the dichotomy of black and white.
I have to call her back from her head space and move her into her heart place.
I have to remind her to breathe deep and make a wild line anyhow.
I have to tell her there is room for gray and mysterious surprises.
I even suggest to her that it’s okay if we get it wrong.
She shrugs her shoulders and hangs her head.
She may even pout a little.
I encourage her to take a good, long nap so she may dream.
“Just So” wakes up renewed and ready to tend paintings to their completion.
She is wonderful at structure and small details.
I tell her so.

Do you have a relationship with “Just So” in your daily living? In my new summer course: The Whimsy Way: A Prescription for Perfection we’ll be conversing with “Just So” to recreate a story where whimsy is included. This 5-week painting experience begins on Tuesday, July 13th at 11am EST. Together, we’ll soulfully navigate our “exacting tendencies” to paint a personal creature of whimsy who will inspire a prescription for perfection.

During our time together, I’ll share teachings on Divine Order, “process” as prayer and the gift of sacred laughter. This course includes reflective journal prompts, painting instruction, embodiment practice, guided visioning and sacred teachings. IF you’re looking to lean into whimsical fun and massage your days with lightness and laughter, come along!

Whimsy Way is designed for those who are looking to release “exacting” tendencies and embrace sacred imagination, open to the beauty of imperfection. This course will meet three times on Zoom over five weeks with two additional weeks of creative prompts sent direct to your inbox. Can’t make one of the gatherings? The gatherings will be recorded and made available to you!

On the fence to make the investment in painting supplies? Contact me at ally@soulkindling.com and let me know. I’d love to navigate this with you. It may seem CRAZY to run out and buy painting supplies if you don’t consider yourself a “painter.” What I’d like to say is this is an investment in your soul work. Can you lean in and LISTEN to the TUG of your HEART? Is SHE calling to you, saying “YES, THIS!” What would it feel like in your body to give yourself over to YOURSELF?!


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