Return to Me: A Sacred Mother Painting Exploration

A close-up of the painting, ‘Return to Me’ by Ally Markotich 2021


Today, I share with you a love offering. The above is a small portion of a painting I created, entitled, “Return to Me.” From March 2020 to March 2021, I took part in the Red Madonna “Psalms of Creation,” (a branch of the larger Musea community).

You are invited to spend nine minutes to watch a video that shares about this painting and the exploration of the theme of Sacred Mother and her relationship to the young masculine. In the video, you’ll hear why this theme is important to me and will see some of the layers, process of the painting and the message I received upon completion.

The Sacred Mother holds teachings of creativity and compassion, of connection and birthing into the world. We may not all be traditional “mothers,” yet each of us is invited into the framework of “creation.” We are asked to bear life into the world, to add our love and to share our unique vantage point. The gift of the mother lies in the teachings of her womb, the space where the seed is held and formed — where growth and expansion give way to beauty.

The teachings of the Sacred Mother/Feminine are a healing balm for a world in need. I approach my teaching from a Christian lens and honor women in the world doing this work from the lens of other spiritual traditions. Thank you for your support of the spiritual arts. I am beyond grateful to do this work and explore themes that linger at the edge of comfort zones.

The video can be watched here.

Blessings to you,