Love Is Here (Easter Blessings)

Swirls of celebration make their way over the dusty road,
a heart traveling in the center,
a heart that stands for justice,
flips the common story of wealth as King —
this Love kneels at the feet of the traveler,
this Love gently washes the grime away,
this Love hovers over the lonely,
this Love invites the one who never fit to a feast,
this Love holds the space with love.
On the day when violence comes to destroy,
Love says, “I love you.”
In this, everything changes.
As Love rains down on those who have ears,
they in turn,
pour love over Love,
wet the seeds of Love,
sit vigil and wait until
one day, after many days of darkness,
when tears have taken hold and
the Sun has warmed the ground,
Love rises once again
as colorful bloom, as baby delight.

Here, a quiet portal is revealed,
a white space that invites
presence, to enter in and become
the ones with ears to hear —
the ones who spread, “I love you.”

Love is here.
Let us sow the seeds.