Creative Advent: Self-Love

Robes of grace glow around her form
between the doors of the altar,
where she tends the heart of creation
in the palm of her hands.

In the innermost recesses,
where the highest priests reside,
Mary sews her sacred tale,
dares to believe in her creative worth.

She is the seamstress of heart,
weaves the veil of enigma
with a red thread of love,
dares to speak “Yes” to angelic request.

Her unwed belly grows.
Voices taunt, “You need to be saved.”
She knows better than to believe she is broken;
afterall, expansion is of God.

Instead, she chooses to love herself and
the beating pulse of creativity within.

She loves herself by returning daily
to be with Elohim who receives her wholly.

She loves herself by nourishing
the seed of innovation with healthy choices.

She loves herself by finding spaces
and people who support her perplexity.

Despite stories told, Mary does not selflessly
place herself last to dote on her Divine child.

In a radical move,
she chooses to love her soulful being first.
She holds her head high as a leader of welcome,
carrying more than child —
She is the bearer of Wisdom within, moves organically
to birth creative love to a dark world.

She pushes her roots into Divine soil,
a complex mixture
of holy days honored,
Shabbat Shalom,
prayers spoken and held.

This ordinary way sustains her
to reap a garden of delights
for a feast of healing.

As she returns (again and again)
to mercifully gaze at her heart —
Mary grows a heart for the world,
transforms into a lover of people.

She becomes Mother of all.

To this day, her hum guides us to remember
who the divine child was born from:

An autonomous woman
who loved herself (first),
who chose to invest
in her personal expression
of Divine possibility.

She encourages us to do the same.

May I return to the Source
of Soul Love daily to receive mercy
and gaze upon my heart with compassion.
May I sow this love to others.