Creative Advent: Peaceful Gaze

Before the magnificat,
the singing of praise
the hallelujah of incarnation,
Mary & Elizabeth sip tea
in the quiet afternoon,
affable words woven
with the warm presence
of golden lantern
between the trial of their lives.
As their weight grows,
they speak from their heart
not of the past, rather
of the miracle coming.

After the embrace,
the greeting –
the leaping in the womb,
Mary and Elizabeth,
young maiden and elder crone
rest into ease as sacred friends,
a silent understanding held
as their gaze falls onto
the glow of creation,
the holy blaze between them.
As they watch and wait,
they wear their sitting shawl,
a blanket of possibility for all.

In the gray space of
before and after,
the borderline between
beginning and end,
Mary and Elizabeth
craft a story of peace
with creative engagement.

Is this how peace is captured?
— To pause with wonder at what’s to come?
— To linger with curious amusement of the Spirit who startles?
— To share the adventure side by side?
— To attune our beings to the buzz of inexplicable between us?

Time and again,
imagination asks us to
succumb to the timing of God
and engage the mystery of our sacred tale.
This enigma swirls around
the black printed letters
of our set-in-stone story
with a summons of accord.

Prayer: Let my eyes gaze upon peace in the midst of my life.

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  1. Amy O’Reilly

    Love! Love! Love! But Ally, I especially love your heart!💜

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