Creative Advent: Hopeful Imagination

“But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary,
for you have found favor with God.” – Luke 1:30

With relentless zest,

the angels speak —

“Do not be afraid.”

In other words, the 

heavenly beings seduce,
“Release your fear
 in order to
create life force 
with the Divine.”

Here lies the invitation.

One who says, “Yes!,”
— who chooses to create —

must first
greet their angst,
welcome a foreign seed,
ask of the origin,

reckon the rowdy roots
which knit the 
of the story.

Regardless of voices who clash
cymbals of resistance —
One who carries 
the Divine
is called to weave worry
through the heart, to

lull gremlins asleep
with the power of imagination

for an epic legacy laced
with the aroma of rose

to bloom forth

One who crafts 

concepts into form
dares not concede, comply

or become complacent.
Rather, this chosen one,

who holds the flare of Holy fire within,
must anticipate greatness,
play with the color of expectation.

This is no time for fear.

Instead, we, the bearers of
this sacred energy
must activate curiosity and ask
“How can this be?
What can be born from
womb of darkness?”

 Then, bravely agree to bear
a holy fingerprint of light,
a breath-filled hope until
the time is ripe to
emerge from the char of night.

Mary, Mother of God
heiress of the torch
— connected to you and I —
as chosen holders
of this same creative Spirit.

May Mary’s courage to create
be a guide for our innovative lives.
Let us say “YES!” to the invitation.

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