Jesus 2020: Let Nations See Love (Again)

Do you know Him?

Beloved One
Spirit formed, mother born,
refugee child who crossed miles. Rules broken.

Light Bearer
Visible speckles of light burst forth
in the darkest of times. Hope given.

Thirst Quencher
Crystalline, living water wraps freely
around walls of stone. Renewal found.

Story Weaver
A golden thread of Wisdom tales
tell the goodness of God. Love taught.

Pilgrim Friend
Walks the long road step by step
with graceful gait. Presence held.

Seeker of Solitude
Moves to quiet places to be
with Divine Love and fill. Peace sought.

Lover of the Living
Celebrates children, honors women,
notices fig trees. Inclusion modeled.

Flamed by Injustice
Tables flip with bold honesty to
question toxic motives. Empires challenged.

Healer of Cultures
Soothes salve upon division between
skin color and faith traditions. Bridges built.

Space Holder
A table of rich hospitality serves a feast
to the least of these. Status leveled.

Midnight Mystic
Secret gatherings held in the light of the moon
to answer questions of the curious. Availability made.

Ordinary Alchemist
Takes the stuff of mundane and transforms it
into sacred treasure. Sight revealed.

Miracle Maker
Shares wellness easily and abundantly to
the just and unjust. Fairness squashed.

Earth Tender
Sows love seeds onto the path of rocks, desert, thorns —
and vibrant compost. Everyone included.

Breath of Love
Blows breezily from unfamiliar places
to fill winded lungs. Expansion sown.

Do you know him?
You’ll recognize his spirit of compassion
in others by the love they share,
the words they speak,
their intention of kindness toward the living.
This Divine news is good (forevermore).
Now is the time
to let the world be the world and
choose to follow sacred light.
Choose goodness.
Choose love.
You are already chosen —

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