Curator of My Space

I am the curator of my hidden space.
The revelations come as a trickle, a wink —
a river of stars while I dream.
Ideas are held
in the secrecy of growth,
near the fruit of the womb,
under the cloak of becoming.

While I carry hiddenness,
I no longer hide me.
I’ve taken off the gray cloak of doom.
Vibrancy is my outfit of choice.
Even as I glow —
My antennae explore the room for discernment.
What is necessary to share, to refrain from speaking?
With this inquiry,
I become the curator of my open space.

Sensitivity to myself and others is a gift I hold.
I do my best to meet others where they are
on the rocky road of twists and turns.
My heart prays:

“Let me listen with open ears.
Let me speak my truth without persuasion.
Let me hold presence.
Let my choices be of love.”

I am never alone.
Phoenix sits beside me,
in prayer for all I hold —
the unnamed earthy spaces that
words can’t express,
the ash which will soon be reborn
into a light for the living.

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