There She Goes

a quiet launch,
bread rises with no fanfare

a summer silence,
petal leaf opens to the light of the moon

a first flight,
baby bird wings span to trust the air

Sandwiched in the middle of
riots and illness,
anger and death,

a door appears.
Possibility greets her.

The hidden Holy trails beside her,
visible form emerges before her.

She follows the splendor of ideas
to see them come to fruition.

There is no-one there to witness.
No balloons lifted.
No congratulations spoken.
No pat on the back.

It’s a silent reckoning.
a nod to herself —
she is doing the work
she is called to do.

She sparks the sage,
arms move to the sound of wind,
smiles to earth mama below her feet,
takes the oil,
anoints with care.

She initiates herself as
gentle artist
spiritual midwife
feminine mystic
teacher of light
rainbow mother
story poet
circle guide
soul kindler

In this process —
she becomes herself.

A woman who claims her value.
It cannot be taken away.

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