The Sacred Third

Somewhere between
day and night,
where fireflies shine —

in the middle space of
right and wrong
where dog wags his tail —

peeking through the
black and white,
where zebra emerges —

on the city streets between
good and bad,
where mosquitoes only smell blood —

in the wrestle match of
yes and no
where cats have no care —

at the family feud of
girl and boy,
where male seahorses give birth —

in the fist grip of
interior and exterior,
where turtles move with ease —

is a thin place
of the Sacred Third
waiting to receive —

Welcome You!
Come sit with me for a while.
Will you?
There’s no rush.
Let’s be together.
Listen in.
Share all that’s been happening.
I’m here for you.
Oh Sure.
I may challenge. But,
it’s for the growth of you.
The good of humanity.
My motive is love.
I promise.”

If you are overwhelmed by the exterior information coming at you, why not join me for this 10-minute Intentional Creativity Practice on the Sacred Third. It’s here to aid you to get clarity on your interior voice, your exterior voice and tune in for the sacred third. Blessings.

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