Despite Cautionary Tales

Despite Cautionary Tales,
My Sanity at Risk

I’ve decided to follow beauty —
precious treasure of the beholder’s eye

I’ve decided to follow trail of the squirrel —
playful scamper of green branch habitat

I’ve decided to follow smoke of the sage —
earthy scent of sanctification

I’ve decided to follow curl of the wind —
gentle nudge of watery ripples

I’ve decided to follow rhythm of the moon —
cosmic smile of wax and wane

I’ve decided to follow spark of the fire —
intensive heat for weary souls

I’ve decided to follow rivers of love —
where division is less, inclusion is more

I’ve decided to follow the Mother herself —
creative womb of cadence and Christ

I’ve decided to follow path of the heart —
the way of love in a spinning world

Despite cautionary tales,
your sanity at risk

What have you decided to follow?

Join me for Prayer Squares!

Prayer Squares are a 3-step spiritual practice to engage your innate creativity as your prayer.

During these days of quarantine, I invite you to set aside ten to fifteen minutes three times a week to create a visual prayer.

Over the course of four weeks, twelve Prayer Squares will be made, each with a different theme.

Swing by here for all the details, a pdf download and a video! Share your creations at my Soul Kindling FB page, tag me on Instagram or send to my email!

Join the community effort to color our prayers and cover the world in a rainbow quilt of love and healing.

A sneak peak at some of the prayers already coming in: