Join me to create a visual prayer mosaic

Hi friend,

Today, I’m offering a creative resource at my site entitled Prayer Squares.

Prayer Squares are a 3-step spiritual practice to engage your innate creativity as your prayer.

During these days of quarantine, I invite you to set aside ten to fifteen minutes three times a week to create a visual prayer.

This practice is accessible for children and adults.

Over the course of four weeks (beginning Monday, April 20th), I invite you into this practice three times a week. After four weeks, you’ll have created twelve Prayer Squares, each with a different theme.

Then, cut them out, tape them from the back side to transform your Prayer Squares into a paper prayer mosaic.

All you need for this practice is a pencil, a permanent black marker, paper and your favorite coloring tools (I use watercolors, but if markers are what you have, please use those!) Don’t let the “materials” stop you from creating your visual prayer. An optional 3″x3″ template can be made from thin cardboard.

Download the pdf file and watch the video for this practice here

If you are a leader and would like to use this as a resource, I invite you to share. Please source me/my site as your guide/reference.

Once you’ve created a square or two, I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @soulkindling, post to the SK FB page or send me a photo of your square at

Once I receive your prayer squares, I’ll create a virtual prayer mosaic from those I receive. Sign up here to receive updates!

Together, let’s color our prayers and cover the world in a rainbow quilt of love and healing.