Here. (A Poem for Today)

is prime to
hold fear
mold fear
with loving care.

is the time to
slow down
stroll down
your neighborhood.

is the place to
listen up
whisper up
to cardinals.

is the space to
breathe deep
see deep
into your heart.

is the rest to
let loose
fret loose
of minor squabbles.

is the nest for
play date
stay date
with your family.

is prime to
do goodness
brew goodness
where you’re planted.

If you are looking to work through a 10-minute creative process that guides you toward honoring where you are and leading you toward possibility, check out this Soul Kindling video:

INSIDE OUT: Rescheduled for April 4th • 10am – 5pm

Inside Out: Delight, Desire, Devotion and the Divine

Saturday, April 4th
10am – 5pm

Ally’s Home Studio Space
Moore County, NC

Delight lives inside your very bones.

So does sacred desire.

Will you come with me to take a long, loving gaze within the terrain of your heart to bring awareness to both? to honor both? to tend to both?

When you and I tune into the delight and sacred desire of our hearts, an opportunity unfolds… to live into both as creative devotion, a practice that sustains us and brings us into connection with Divine love.

Over the years, we’ve been told stories about delight, desire and devotion that may hold us back from fully embracing the treasure they hold. Do we abstain from regular rhythms of delight and desire? Has devotion been turned into a pallid noun, only giving us one way to connect with the Divine: through reading?

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