When Patterns Shift

Dear all,

I’ve been thinking of you. Wondering what offering I can make to the world during such a time of upheaval as COVID-19 asks us to pause, care for ourselves, consider our worldwide connection and respond to others in love. Today, I share a ten-minute video that offers a drawing exercise and guided visioning you can participate with to process a conscious shift in perspective when change interrupts our typical patterns.

Change is a regular part of our time on earth. It’s common to REACT to change with high emotion or lack of emotion. But, what happens when we choose to welcome change, work with shifting patterns and envision the possibility of loving RESPONSE?

I hope you will take the time to work through this simple exercise and become curious to possibility. Please feel free to share if this resonates and you find it helpful.

Much love. Blessings and Peace to you. Ally