Rhythm of Solitude & Community

I am alone.
Not really alone.
Alone with Spirit.
Yes – I am alone with a Holy nymph within,
a well of deep love.

In my solo time,
I move past the harping vocals of the masses,
dive toward the One within who delights
in the beauty of grass, the color of skin.

Being alone is a challenge.
I fight off trepidation, loneliness, apathy.
Doubt swirls in the recesses of my mind; am I crazy?
Chores haunt the sacred space. I resist their ghostly call.

I pass through the darkness of silence into the warmth of solitude.
Here, I have a choice of how to proceed. I choose to create.
As I create, my mind unlocks and my heart is activated.
I allow the pen, the paintbrush, the words to lead.

In this alone/not alone place, there is no status to achieve.
Nothing to prove. I come to give devotion to a Creator
who desires to be with me. I bring myself as I am.
I am sparked. I am welcomed.

This leads me to want to welcome you.

I am with you.
Not alone with you,
here, together, with Spirit.
a Holy spark twirls between us,
a glimmer of love.

If we listen close,
we’ll hear a spring of love bubble up.
We are connected, as community —
we belong to one another.

Being together is a delight.
We create friendship. We laugh at hearty tales,
at the way our common threads intersect.
Namaste. God in me sees God in you.

Soon enough, we disagree. What do we do then?
Do we witness one another, hold space for the other?
We misunderstand the words we hear.
Will you reach out to me? Will I extend an olive branch to you?

How do we heal? Will we name our pain in sacred space?
When I move and grow in a way you don’t understand,
Will you stay with me and maintain curiosity about my path? or,
Will you release me to the wind and give me freedom to fly?

Either way, our silent cords are intertwined
with the gift and heartache of connection.

The unspoken between us leads me to want to be alone.

The tide flows in. The tide ebbs out.

The rhythm of solitude and community:
neither easy, both necessary

to strengthen our bond with the Divine.

I’ve updated my Art Gallery with recent works.
Many of these paintings will be at the exhibit at Columbia Theological Seminary in a few short weeks.
Feel free to check it out over here.