To Be Seen, To Be Heard

There is a longing in each of us —
to be seen, to be heard,

to be received (as we come)

We await our greatness to be discovered,
for others to endorse our faint spark and
fan the glow until flames are ablaze.

Even then, as our light flickers,
we may not believe
the ribbons of passion belong to us.

We deny our significance.

Truly, we cannot
leave it to others
to affirm the illumination
we hold.

Others will never be able
to fully convince us of our worth
because their view only reveals
a sliver of who we are.

It’s you and I
who must become
intimately acquainted
with our unique
mountains crested,
bridges crossed,
valleys cried in.

Even then, we’ll never fully understand
all the crevices of our being. Still,

as we enter into our story,
engage the practice,
reflect upon our miraculous arrival,
honor the path we’ve traveled,
claim our bravery,

you and I kindle our personal fire,
empower our soulful possibility.

You see, this notion that
the Divine is (only) outside of us,
an exterior power who
labors on our behalf
without our engagement
leaves us as spectators of life
hoping for something magical
to happen to us, rather

than as co-creators
of our earthly experience
with a Trinity of love,
who, together,
weave the present.

When we
court a relationship
with Christ, Soul Mama and dearest Abba
the lovers of our soul,
who know the
in-between spaces
and places of our hearts,
we learn to listen to
a mystery made especially for us.

As our attention hones
to the whispers of Spirit,
the immensity of God is revealed.
Impossible dreams stir,
other’s aspirations for us release,
we awaken to a creative flow
of our choosing.

It’s here, the pilgrimage commences.
Loneliness accompanies our gait as we go.

We don’t notice the evolution
of our shifting shape, nor do others.

We look the same on the outside,
but inwardly we are different.

By choice, we
trek to the center,
embrace stillness,
observe scales fall to our feet,
slowly step home
toward integration.

As we return,
we’re transformed

With keen sense,
we recall old wineskins
cannot hold new wine. And,

we’re about to burst
with all we’ve learned
along the way.

Here, loneliness sits by our side —

as our earnest voice can’t capture
the essence of our voyage

as friends no longer recognize
who we’ve become

as rhythms change their beat
and we discover verve in unexpected places

Yet —

we can’t lose heart
in our becoming.

Instead, let us
embrace the vision God has
laid before us,
name our intention of love,
trust, not in self-importance —
but of the eminence of God
who lives within us.

By mining our story and
claiming our innate divine spark,
confirmation arises that
we are (already) seen, we are (already) heard,

we are (already) received (as we come)

This bold proclamation
gives us credence
to bless the past and
move forth into
a sacred vision of work
only we can birth.


Empress of I AM:
Reclaiming Your Identity

A 13-Step IC Workshop to
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Who are you? You may claim yourself as: Woman. Daughter. Mother. Friend. You may identify yourself by your vocation or where you live. But, really. Who lives inside your being? What are her passions? Her hopes? What vision lives within her? What legacy does she desire to leave behind? In this 13-step Intentional Creativity® workshop, we’ll work to strip ourselves of the labels that hold us back, the labels that are lukewarm and discover anew who lives within.

This invitation is for women who desire to delve into work around their personal identity. Who have you been being? Who do you long to live as? Using inquiry, visioning and painting as our sacred tools, we’ll do work around developing a forward integrated vision of ourselves. We’ll discover our ingredients for the new year to step forward in the world as we ARE. In community, we’ll celebrate one another!

Registration and all the details over here!

Beautiful Women: From the very comfort of your own home, you are invited to “BE” with me on the last Friday of the month at 9am EST on Zoom as we gather in a Red Thread Circle to explore the book If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie. Our first gathering is Friday, January 31st at 9am/EST. Sign up and more info here!

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Each month we’ll focus on one chapter. We’ll use the online platform Zoom to meet. It’s free to make an account and I will send you the link to join our call. Click here to go to Zoom.

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