Open to Possibility

Look at your toes.
They are there
to take you across
the limen, the silent
threshold that urges
you into the mist of
childlike wonder.

Do you see the way
the hawk
glides through
the blue expanse,
keen to her senses,
swoops down to
grab her feast,
trusts she will find
what she needs?

What about you?
Do you doubt your senses*?


You too, have intuition,
a knowing
that guides your
inner drum.
Lean in, listen.
Touch the heart
of the Spirit.

As your finger trembles
to reach her reverent truth,
don’t be blinded when
beams of gold
pour upon you.

open yourself to possibility —
this gold is for you,
a shine that falls
upon your crown,
and moves
into the starlit dusk
around you,
this is the gold of

Why limit yourself
to human goals
when you can soar
on Divine wind,
unleash the
sacred unknown —
a chance
to gather seeds
and throw them
beyond the edges
of your making.

*This question is asked in the book “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Jacob Marley asks Scrooge this question. I found it totally provocative and wonderful when I watched the movie this Christmas season!


Beautiful Women: From the very comfort of your own home, you are invited to “BE” with me on the last Friday of the month at 9am EST on Zoom as we gather in a Red Thread Circle to explore the book If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie. Our first gathering is Friday, January 31st at 9am/EST. Sign up and more info here!

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CLARITY: A Vision Book Workshop

A Workshop Designed to Bring Clarity to Your Creative Vision

Two-Evening Class: Tuesday, January 14th & 28th · 6:30 – 9:30 pm

You are a woman of many talents. You have plenty of gifts to give to the world. And, you do. Sometimes, you even find yourself a bit scattered helping with this and that. Truthfully, you’d really love to focus on one thing and bring some real healing to the world. But, geez, there are so many needs out there. And, you see them all. Sure, ideas do pop into your mind every now and again, but you don’t know how to really step forward and make this vision happen. Join me for Clarity: A Vision Book workshop, where we’ll work to bring focus around what IS ours to do, and what we can release.

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Empress of I AM:
Reclaiming Your Identity

A 13-Step IC Workshop to Empower Personal Identity
and Integrate Self

Saturday, January 25th 10am-5pm

Who are you? You may claim yourself as: Woman. Daughter. Mother. Friend. You may identify yourself by your vocation or where you live. But, really. Who lives inside your being? What are her passions? Her hopes? What vision lives within her? What legacy does she desire to leave behind? In this 13-step Intentional Creativity® workshop, we’ll work to strip ourselves of the labels that hold us back, the labels that are lukewarm and discover anew who lives within.

This invitation is for women who desire to delve into work around their personal identity. Who have you been being? Who do you long to live as? Using inquiry, visioning and painting as our sacred tools, we’ll do work around developing a forward integrated vision of ourselves. We’ll discover our ingredients for the new year to step forward in the world as we ARE. In community, we’ll celebrate one another!

Registration and all the details over here!