A Dream of Her Own

Dear friends, May you have a blessed celebration as one year ends and another begins. Today, I’m sharing a painting and two poems with you. This painting began almost two years ago when I made the decision to move to the outer rim of the church after spending many years in leadership roles. This transition has been very difficult for me over the last two years and intentional painting has been a huge medicine that has helped me with my grief. Naturally, as the painting (and I) evolved, several poems were written as the painting shifted form. Recently, I realized this painting was in final stages of completion and I was ready to finish it and move forward. As the new year beckons, I’m ready to lay down my grief and turn the page to a new chapter. I’d be delighted for you to stay with me as the adventure continues. Wherever you find yourself, may you know the Spirit is with you. Even on the rim.

The Practice of Showing Up

If I could give you the answers you want,
I’d lay them with care on a tray for your consumption.

All I can offer is a yellow brick road,
a path laid out to lead you to the home of your heart.

I cannot tell you the secrets of the images I create,
where they come from or who they are; I barely know myself.

What I do know is the practice of showing up to dream
gives way for loving, invisible forces to work on my behalf

They come to
shine the moon,
offer guidance,
pour liquid Spirit
into my golden chalice

They come to
open the door of possibility

Here I am —
this stream of love

Her pure nature refreshes my soul

Listen —
I long for you to drink from her waters

Come, have a taste. Play with me!
Let’s paint in the moonlight together

You’ll see —
the door of possibility is there

for both of us

The Moon Lit Path

There I stand in the pulpit —
I preach of God’s grace and love.
I try not to get my hands dirty, but
the confined, sacred habit unleashes.
Dualistic questions collide,
shadow desires to claim her piece of holy.

Sleep comes easy as darkness descends,
the moon lit with a whisper.
Soul warriors polish luna gently, doing
precious work as seeds are laid.
Protection is given, the howl
of the wolf placed deep within.

Outside the church entry,
atoms of ash float glitter in open air.
Light shimmers from breezy leaves,
stardust drifts through the expanse.
Holy goodness streams boundless.
My world changes to color,
visions of collaboration dance.

Awakening, my spirit sails, an
idea of creative worth given
in the space of silence.
Words birth and colors wash
an aesthetic unfolding, my
body beams rays of cadence.

The song of love lures,
lyrical nectar flows through —
call her Inner Knowing, call her Spirit,
vast mystery welcomed to the table.
Her vibration radiates golden truth;
she hums sweet blessed freedom.

Loneliness leaves as I embark
on the organic road my ancestors walked.
Chains of status release.
I move forward untethered,
received fully into a dream of my own.

CLARITY: A Vision Book Workshop
A Workshop Designed to Bring Clarity to Your Creative Vision

Two-Evening Class:
Tuesday, January 14th & 28th 6:30 – 9:30 pm

You are a woman of many talents. You have plenty of gifts to give to the world. And, you do. Sometimes, you even find yourself a bit scattered helping with this and that. Truthfully, you’d really love to focus on one thing and bring some real healing to the world. But, geez, there are so many needs out there. And, you see them all. Sure, ideas do pop into your mind every now and again, but you don’t know how to really step forward and make this vision happen. Join me for Clarity: A Vision Book workshop, where we’ll work to bring focus around what IS ours to do, and what we can release.

This invitation is for women who desire to bring their creative ideas to life as a vital aspect of their days. If you are longing to bring change to an industry you work in, a group you volunteer with, or simply explore your creative dream, this workshop is for you. Using inquiry, visioning and painting as our sacred tools, we’ll create a Vision book that maps out our powerful creative seeds. More details and registration here!

Empress of I AM:
Reclaiming Your Identity

A 13-Step IC Workshop to Empower Personal Identity and Integrate Self

Saturday, January 25th
10am – 5pm

Who are you? You may claim yourself as: Woman. Daughter. Mother. Friend. You may identify yourself by your vocation or where you live. But, really. Who lives inside your being? What are her passions? Her hopes? What vision lives within her? What legacy does she desire to leave behind? In this 13-step Intentional Creativity® workshop, we’ll work to strip ourselves of the labels that hold us back, the labels that are lukewarm and discover anew who lives within.

This invitation is for women who desire to delve into work around their personal identity. Who have you been being? Who do you long to live as? Using inquiry, visioning and painting as our sacred tools, we’ll do work around developing a forward integrated vision of ourselves. We’ll discover our ingredients for the new year to step forward in the world as we ARE. In community, we’ll celebrate one another!

Registration and all the details over here!