Christ’s Love Is the Gift

This Christmas, may you remember
the love Christ has for you:

Here I am.
Born of my mother’s womb,
a blend of blood, sweat, water.
Born of my father’s grace,
a fusion of flame, dust, Spirit.

Here I am.
All I bring is me.
This body.

This presence.
A beating heart.
Seeing eyes.
Sensing hands.

I don’t come bearing wealth.
I don’t bring wise words.
I’m not even clean.
I’m unable to work for you.
After all,
I’m just a baby.

I need you.

Will you hold me awhile?

Here we are, together.
Your arms wrapped tight around me.
My tiny hand grasps your finger.
You embrace me, I embrace you.

Hand in hand, we create a circle of love.

Are you aware of me,
loving you?
As you are.

I detect your gaze,

loving me,
as I am.

This love is the gift
we bring to one another.

You are mine, I am yours.

I call you, “Beloved,”
so you may remember

who you are,
what you are made of.

I call you, “Beloved,”
so you may receive
your human divinity
the way you receive mine.

Here you are, holding me.

I feel your love.
Do you feel mine?

My love is deep, wide and long enough
to hold you through
all your fear and doubt.

Here I am.
Holding you.

Loving you.