Strange Love

I hear a bell clang,
a chime of beauty
calls me to presence

My wings pause me here,
territory of conception

I cannot hide
the melancholy for
what’s been lost

but the dream manifests,
I rest. And reset.

The unlikely approaches
in a stirred grass of longing,
desires a caress of her wild hair

The time has come to
receive the peculiar

My hand rubs the rim
of her possibility, I discover
the hunger that lives within

Side by side,
we feed one another

As we honor our sameness
and dance through our discord —
this love of the strange strengthens.

We cannot help but gaze with kindness
into each other’s eyes.

Prayer to welcome the foreign:

Let me welcome the peculiar within and around (me) as a way to open to greater love and questions.

Let my defenses be less and my curiosity be greater.

Let me gaze at all I find strange with kindness.

Let love lead my way.

My Cup Overflows: Discovering Light Amid the Cracks

Registration for two dates coming soon!

If you have a group of 3 or more, contact me to accommodate your gathering!

November is often lifted as a time of gratitude in the US because of our celebration of Thanksgiving. Sometimes, we have a difficult time seeing the gratitude because our eyes focus on what is missing, or what is “imperfect”. In the Japanese tradition, wabi-sabi is a worldview of finding beauty amid the imperfection and depth within things of the earth. Japanese artisans employ this in the art form of kintsukuroi, which means “to repair with gold”. When a ceramic bowl or pot would break, instead of throwing it away, artisans would emphasize the crack by repairing it with gold resin. In this Red Thread Session, we’ll give ourselves time and space to slow down and work with the imperfections of our life to see where light shines through the cracks. With intention and care, we’ll mine our story to create a painting of a cracked chalice, mend the cracks with gold, and overflow our chalice with light. Our journal, paint and a Red Thread Circle will be companions to guide us on this 3-hour journey to see the gifts amid the shadows. No painting experience necessary, only a willing heart!

Registration for two dates coming soon!

Intentional Creativity® is not just for “artists” or those who deem themselves “crafty”!

The quest of Soul Kindling is to provide a sanctuary of welcome where women and men are invited to encounter painting as a spiritual practice to awaken creativity, honor inner wisdom and spark fresh vision for one’s sacred story.

Soul Kindling invites participants to a table of sacred creativity to explore the divine wisdom one carries within and re-member oneself as creative. At the core of Soul Kindling is the belief that all people are both sacred and creative. Yet, for many, there is a disconnection from one or both. When we are grounded in Divine love and connected to our creativity, we discover the passion of our heart and take action to bring this contribution to the world.