In the Beginning

In the beginning,
Poet created beauty and love.
Now, there was no form to be seen,
the void was the womb of creation.

When the contractions of Wisdom began,
the waters stirred and
Poet breathed the first Words,

“Let there be light.”

And the light revealed
the treasure within the darkness.

And the light within all was good.

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the first day

And Poet listened for Wisdom
and wrote Words of a haiku,

“Let there be an arch
to pull apart the waters —
Clear blue sky, emerge!”

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the second day

Poet was a harvester who
wrapped arms wide around dusty earth
and spoke, “I love you, land”

And, Poet was a gatherer who
attracted particles of water
and whispered, “I love you, seas”

And Poet saw that it was good.

Then Poet’s warm breath went
into the core of the land, and
a desire to grow, a desire to give
rose from within the soil.

Fresh green joy sprouted.
All kinds of living joy leaped.
Plant joy. Tree joy. Fruit joy.
These seeds of joy spread.

Poet saw that it was good.

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the third day

Poet looked up at the sky arch.
Poet tuned to Inner Knowing,
hummed a Word —

“Let there be orbs of glow
which light the earth.
Let their presence be a reminder
of rhythm, a sign that brings
sacred ritual to the living
each day, each season, each year.”

Poet threw stars into the arch.
They winked at Poet. Poet winked back.

Poet saw that it was good.

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the fourth day

Poet wasn’t done. More ideas needed to become matter.

Poet said,“Let there be gills that give air,
long tentacles that squirm,
mother turtles that stand
for pilgrimage.

Let there be wings that fly,
beaks that squawk,
dove pigeons that stand
for peace.

And Poet saw that it was good.

Poet blessed the water beings
and bird beings with Wisdom and Word,
“I give you the gift to create.
Go, bring more water beings into the world.
Go, build your nests and nurture your eggs.
Let the mystery increase in beauty.”

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the fifth day

Poet looked to the land and envisioned
empty fields filled with hairy beasts.

Poet shouted,
“Come, come, you wild animals!
Swing from the trees, prowl in your pack, roar your roar
Come, Come, you modest animals
Eat some grass, lay your eggs, baaa your baaa
Come, Come, you ground dwellers
Slither to the left, crawl to the right, croak your croak.”

And Poet saw that it was good.

Then Poet conferred with Wisdom and Word and said,

“Let us make beings in our image,
so that they may care for all we’ve created.

So Poet grabbed hands with Wisdom and Word
and danced in a circle. They laughed at the inkling.
They all took a deep breath
and blew sacred air toward the ground.
The dust rose up and took human form,
Artist and Muse.

Poet blessed them and said,
“I give you the gift to create with wild abandon.
Go, bring more of you onto the earth.
Let the mystery of your being increase.
I give you the power of love
over all of creation.
This power is meant for you to govern
the bird beings in the air,
the water beings in the sea,
the creatures on land
with affection.

I am the great Giver.
I give everything I’ve created to you!
Here! Take it. It is yours!
I hand you
the green joy, the tree joy, the fruit joy!
It’s meant to eat
so that you intake joy regularly.
Share this joy with the animals.
Let them intake the joy.
Be considerate to all the living.”

And it was so.

Poet, Wisdom and Word saw all they had created, and it was very good.

And there was sleeping. And there was waking. — the sixth day

Thus, beauty and love were completed in all their vast array.

On the seventh day, all the creations of Poet were complete.
Poet took a seat on green joy next to yellow Dog.
Poet rested. Poet delighted. Poet played.

Poet called this day “holy” because being still
allowed Poet to revel in what had been made.

And it was good.

Now, there is another story going around about how Artist and Muse delighted in Poet, love and beauty. But along came a whisper about some magical tree that held mastery and before you know it, the Muse grabbed some fruit off this tree of knowledge and when she took a bite, her eyes were wide open. She and Artist fell from this garden of delight into a weary world separated from Poet, and humans call this sin. But, ACTUALLY Poet knows this story has nothing to do with sin.

What really happened is when the Muse’s eyes opened and the Artist blamed her, the Artist and Muse FORGOT who they were. The Muse forgot she had a spark of Divine in her. The Artist forgot his innate creativity. And when they forgot who they were, they started to think Poet didn’t love them anymore. BUT THEN, the most romantic thing happened!

You see, Poet never sent Word to a death sentence as salvation for the Artist and the Muse because Poet’s love NEVER CHANGED for Artist and Muse. Truthfully, they didn’t need saving. They needed REMEMBERING.

So, Poet has been playing a big game of peek-a-boo with Artist and Muse ever since. It started in the Garden when Poet yelled, “Where are you?”. Poet thought this was fun. Artist and Muse were a bit afraid because they had FORGOTTEN the love of Poet. But Poet persisted in this game. After Poet found Artist and Muse, Poet decided to hide. When Poet hid, Artist and Muse had to choose whether to yell, “Where are you, Poet?”

The game continues to THIS DAY! The wise among us are the seekers looking for Poet, love and beauty. And you know, if you pay attention, you’ll get a glimpse of creativity in burning bushes, blazing orange leaves and wafts of cinnamon when no cinnamon is in sight. If you quiet down, you’ll hear a still, sacred voice from within that says “I love you. Remember?”

You see, Poet, Word and Wisdom’s quest is all about revelation. They are looking to get the attention of Artist and Muse (i.e. you and I) with whispers of love and beauty within and around. Which is why Word suffered… as a REVELATION of pure love for the LIVING, not as a sacrifice for the broken. When our eyes reopen and we see the love all around, we will remember we are wildly creative (Artist) and wildly sacred (Muse). Poet keeps saying, “Here I am. Now, over here! Look within! I see you. I love you. ” All along the revelation of Poetry has been with us. We are literally living in a love poem.

Did you even know?

Poet – give me eyes to see.


This post is influenced by years of study, plenty of fabulous conversations with friends who entertain the edges of Christianity with me. I share this as a piece of my evolving faith. References that have helped this post are Richard Rohr’s wonderful teachings and his book Universal Christ. Also, the teaching and encouragement of Shiloh Sophia to creatively rewrite our perspective of stories that have been given to us. This is one of my rewritings of the creation story from Genesis 1. Scriptural references include:
Genesis 1

Proverbs 8:21-32
John 1
1 Corinthians 1:30
Genesis 3:9
Matthew 2:2

What would your creation story say?

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