Hello Mr. Royalty (an invitation to the patriarchy)

Mr. Royalty,
Your Highness,
Sir —

All due respect, but
I need to tell you,
I’ve tried life your way —
for decades

Spoken words (you) approved (me) to repeat,
Knees grounded, metered and measured,
believed all the stories you told. oh yes,

I colored in the lines with precision,
kept my doodles black and white,
my curious voice a silent coffin.

Mr. Royalty,
You became keen early on
how when a woman speaks
with the resonance of truth,
her voice reverberates and rings
at the highest level of connection
with all the living. You knew
what an impact She could make.
You were smart.

You used your magic to shift and shape,
WHOOSH — art of the Mother/child as central to Christianity deleted,
ZAP — the pivotal stature of Magdelene stripped,
POOF — women vanished from the lectern; priests given full power
ZING — a curse of the virgin whore complex chanted
STIR — your diluted, twisted concoction created

The crazy thing is,
your magic worked on me.

You convinced me
— I’m better behind you than beside you,
— the creative worth I bring is merely a hobby,
— to trust only the senses that make “sense,”
even though I’m well aware I have information
that arises beyond the main five.

Am I dangerous?

Are you afraid I may know a way
that you don’t have access to?

your Highness, truthfully,
my intuition tells me:
Your way isn’t working anymore.
It’s falling flat.

I know, I know,
your promises of greatness allure,
the walls you build seem safe,
but, your rehearsed lines lack Spirit flow
and your bravado is plain silly.
You and I both know this.

Don’t we?

I mean, why the magnification?
Exaggeration is nothing more than
a cover up of your fear.
I think you may be scared.

Scared of failure.
Scared of vulnerability.
Scared to be seen as you truly are.

Mr. Royalty,
It’s okay.
We’ve all been there.
Let’s pause here for a while, shall we?

(deep breath)

I have to ask you,
Are you even interested in learning
of secrets veiled beyond the form?

I’m willing to teach you.
But, you have to lean in. Toward me.
This is hard. Because,
for so long, you’ve had me
drinking your dark magic.

You can place your ebony spoon down
and sit at my table for a while.
I won’t insist you learn my way.
It’s simply an invitation.

but first,
you must believe I have something valuable to share.

Do you?

If so, maybe then

like King Xerxes—
you will open to beauty beyond the exterior and trust a woman’s voice

like the Wise Men—
you will have a dream that tells you to travel a different way and you will boldly go

like Paul—
scales will fall from your eyes as you trade hate for love with the encounter of the mystical Christ

in this liminal space
(with one another)
lies the opportunity to
embrace palpable Love that lays in your lap,
honor the invisible wind that floats before you,
trust failure as a gateway to a Love power bigger than yourself.

Are you ready?
to move past the fifth sense?

I’m ready to take you
to a table where both of us are welcome.

Just lean in.

I’ll meet you halfway.

New Workshops Announced!

Explore: A Mappy Quest

Wednesday, September 25th
9:30am – 12:30pm
Thursday, September 26th

6:30pm – 9:30 pm

Each day of our life is part of a bigger adventure. The path we walk is a sacred road loaded with wisdom just for us. This is an invitation to pause for a few hours to explore the terrain you’ve traveled, dwell upon where you are and envision where you’re headed. During this 3-hour Red Thread Session, we’ll travel our twists and turns, our mountains and valleys and find the river of vitality for one chapter of our life. Together, we’ll honor our inner fortitude for the path we’ve walked, take note of where we are and dream a vision of where we’d like to go using symbol, pattern and line.

$35 covers all materials and preparation of love

For more info and to sign up, click here!

Art of “BE”: A Celebration of Rest
October 12th • 10am – 5pm

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion?” – Matthew 11:28 MSG

Is your spiritual verve drained a bit? Are you struggling to experience the Holy in your midst in a weekly institutional setting? Do you have an innate sense there is “more” to the Sacred than partaking in activities but are too busy to honor your knowing? Come experience a different way to dance with the Divine. Together, we’ll have a day to rest and BE. Here, we’ll honor all voices who are present. Here, we’ll include creativity as a way to listen for the In-dwelling Spirit. Here, we’ll give permission for soulful rest as a needed element of life. Here, we’ll discover the vast nature of worship beyond walls.

The Art of “Be”: A Celebration of Rest, a 13-step Intentional Creativity® workshop, is designed to give women time to rest and dwell upon the importance of BEing for their life. Each participant will experience a time to share in community as well as quiet space to paint, write and explore their inner stirrings. Guided visualization will be used to connect each person with their Muse of “BE”ing as well as symbols that represent their unique story. No painting experience required, just a willing heart!

October 12th • 10am – 5pm
Lunch included

$105 covers all materials, lunch and preparation of love

For more info and to sign up, click here!

Revelation: An Encounter with Mystery

Wednesday, October 23rd
9:30am – 12:30pm
Thursday, October 24th

6:00pm – 9:00 pm

Do you believe in mystery? The power of surprise? Are there hidden messages in your hands that long to be released? Can you cross your fear and lean into the wonder of revelation? What does your creative soul long to tell you? Come join me for an exciting three hour surprise discovery of mystery revealed. I will share one of my favorite practices with you that helps to uncover the inner stirrings we carry. During our time together, we’ll practice our skills of “seeing”, we’ll discover the powerful expression of line and use color as a declaration of our heart. Paint, inquiry and a Red Thread Circle will be companions to guide us on this 3-hour mysterious encounter. No painting experience necessary, only a willing heart!

$35 covers all materials and preparation of love

For more info and to sign up, click here!