Do You Want to Get Well?

Pondering based on John 5:1-14

Jesus asks,
“Do you want to get well?”

Curious question, is it not? I mean,

Is there anyone who doesn’t desire to be well?

I wonder.

At first assumption, it seems everyone wants to be well.

Yet, when I dwell with this question a bit, I can’t help but ask,

Do I want wellness to come to me without having to do anything?
Do I want a list of perfect steps to take me there?
Do I deny there is any healing I need to do while allowing pride to point at the healing others need?

I’ve been in all these places:
Wanting a magic touch to heal me,
desiring the ABCs of wellness,
focusing on others’ shortcomings rather than my own.

This is what I know (to be true for me):

I know there is wellness work to be done for myself
and I’m the only one who can do it.

Spirit is within and aside me aiding this healing.

Getting well is hard work. I’ve never known it to be a cakewalk.

There will always be an excuse to ignore wellness work
(too busy, too tired, need to take the kids here or there)

Wellness work isn’t about hitting some type of perfection or ideal, it’s about becoming harmless to myself and others. Becoming a blessing and gift to myself and the greater world. Being still and receiving grace. Spreading the gifts I’ve received with love. Speaking with kind words.

Wellness begins when I get honest about what isn’t working in my life and where I need help. This is the sweet spot of surrender and can become a dark night of transformation if I lean into the shift that is pressing me.

Change is part of getting well. Change naturally brings up resistance. I have to be willing to give up something that isn’t working in order to gain something better.

On the road to healing, I’ve found that platitudes don’t work: Phrases such as, “Everything will get better,” “God heals in perfect timing,” “Everything happens for a reason,” “You just need to forgive and forget” don’t set well, because actually, being a participant of my soul work and taking action to look at these types of beliefs becomes a huge part of the healing.

Wellness isn’t pretty. It isn’t put together. It doesn’t wear fancy clothes and smile politely. Wellness isn’t interested in following the cultural rules of what’s acceptable. Wellness is more like crying eyes and bright orange paint streaks. Wellness is getting angry at injustice and speaking a perspective that ruffles feathers.

Mostly, what I’ve learned is with wellness,
I have a sacred responsibility to gravitate
toward the healing that awaits me.

Jesus spoke, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”
This, a directive to lean in and choose different for myself.
Is my heart open to receive the invitation and dance with the Divine?
Do I dare set aside excuses and stand for myself and my wellness?

I’m ready to get up and walk.

How ‘bout you?

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