Invisible Magic

The first time I came home
with a two feet by three feet canvas,
I believed I wouldn’t be able
to paint this large.

Did I have it in me?
What is “it” anyways?

White-washed canvas taunted.
Blank space stared back with beady eyes.

Who was I to do this?
Who was I to paint?

All the old stories came sweeping in:

Art is a luxury
Isn’t there something better to spend time on?
How is change made with the stroke of a brush?

Then, I heard from the depth of my being

Do not be afraid.
Do it anyway.

I began.

Magic poured 
from my fingertips,
Invisible to visible —
color, texture, weight
came tumbling forth
layer by layer

Surprise swept me
to a revelation of the
rainbow sparks I carry.
I discovered I had “it” —

Each painting
peeled away
thin, stone walls
erected over forty years,
brought healing to
dust-filled shadows,
vein-like cracks, my
empathetic soul

Each painting
built connection anew
to honor myself and
what I know is true for me
One step closer to
a version of me
where interior and exterior
bridge their gap

Majestic moon shone her sliver each night,
Ribbons of sunlight peaked in the morning, slowly,
old stories were rewritten, now

Creating is like breath, a necessity to living
Time spent creating gives expression where words are unable
Creating with intention brings change and healing.

I have no doubt.

These days,
when people say,
“I’m not creative”

I smile politely.
I know better.
I’ve seen the work
of many who’ve identified themselves
as “not creative”
Yet, they arrive, vulnerable, risky,
trusting me as their guide, then
– their mark
– their essence
– their beauty
reveals before our eyes

They, too,
awaken to the
invisible magic
they carry within.
The hidden vessels
of medicine inside
their bones
display with glory

And then there’s you —
also a conductor of this invisible magic.

The unpainted canvas awaits.

The exposure is daring.

Are you curious?


Do not be afraid.
Do it anyways.

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