Kindred Spirits Forever!

Dear friends, Thank you for following me and reading my posts. Each year, I take a break around this time to give myself a bit of a Sabbath. I’ll be back sometime in July with more creative poetry. Blessings to you this day. Ally

One scrumptious morning,
a dawn of rose-colored sun
and wildflowers popping,
Curiosity and Imagination
sat together
on a rainbow quilt
sipping their tea
while a light rain drizzled.

They chattered on
about all things sparkly,
eating their way through
green veggies and rich chocolate
not concerned with
the time of day
or the conditions of weather.

They loved to ask each other questions
because that’s what good friends do.

Curiosity asked Imagination,
“Dear one, where do you find your ideas?”

Imagination thought for a snap and she uttered,
“Easy. I follow where my heart leads.
I use my senses to sniff the trail.
How ‘bout you, Curiosity?
Where do you find your questions?”

Curiosity, with a flick of his finger spoke,
“Aha! I discover my questions
the same way you find your ideas!
I travel to where my heart pulls.
My senses lead me to inquire.”

Imagination leaned back in awe,
“What I just heard you say is that YOU
tap into the same power as ME…
the heart flow… the spirit of love… the treasure of senses”


“So, what if you and I work together?
What if you weave your questions with my ideas?
What if we both touch the whirl of Spirit spunk?
What if our antennae’s sense our way forward?
Can we plant a garden of hope?
Can we birth a vision baby?”

Curiosity smiled wide,
“Together, we sharpen one another.
Our wings learn how to soar side by side.
We challenge each other’s expansion!”

They looked wide-eyed at one another
and burst out in a fit of raucous laughter!
At the same time, they roared,
“Why have we been trying to do this alone?”

In that instant,
Curiosity and Imagination
wove their wrists in red thread,
linked arms and shouted,
“Kindred Spirits Forever!”

From that day forward,
they were bound as a force
to spread creativity out
into the world.

The end.

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